Birthday Post For My Eldest Daughter

It will be her birthday tomorrow but yesterday I already greeted her a Happy Birthday. This is what I wrote to her wall.

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Yeah there are times that we could not understand each other. I feel like whenever I told her what’s good and what’s bad, she has resentments. And most often than not, she does not follow at all, I guess teenagers thought that life is just so easy without their parents. They wanted to be free but they don’t know what is ahead of them when they don’t follow. Parents may be too much of reprimanding them because they know what could lead them if they don’t listen. So I will not give on her, never, even though sometimes I feel so tired at all but because I love her I will not give up on her. I am not saying my daughter does not respect me at all but there are times that she just resists and just ignore whenever I tried to tell her something.

Oh well anyway enough of that, it is her birthday tomorrow. We will just treat the team in the club house. I just have to buy some pizza for them. To Mj, always remember that I love you always and I will always be here for you.


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She Might Stop Next Month

My youngest daughter is doing therapy for few months already but now since we have so many things we need to prioritize; I might stop her next month. It supposed to be this month but whenever I would think about her to stop her therapy. I paused for a while and maybe we can still sustain her for a month. It is really hard to decide, I am confused. But with all the expenses here in the house, I am always worried whether we can still support all this extracurricular activities. I have to decide so soon otherwise I will just get caught in between. I just hope that the home base job will do me good and could support us all the way.

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I Took The Kids To The Movie

I promised them of a movie on New Year but since every one of us does not have enough sleep as we celebrate the New Year. I just set going to the movie aside. I didn’t tell them but I promised it to myself that I will have to drag them to watch a movie and it was realized yesterday. Early in the morning I told them to take a bath, since they don’t know that we are going out, my eldest daughter asked me why they have to take a bath early in the morning and so I told them we are all going out to watch a movie.

They prepared themselves right away, and soon off we go. It is also nice to feel to go out once in a while, I guess it has been a week that I didn’t enjoy the ambiance outside. I only have enough for the movie so I didn’t plan to eat after the movie. We watched the Praybeyt Benjamin 2, it was fun however it seems like we already saw it coming. We will watch the Feng Shui 2 maybe next week, I am not sure though who would I bring with me. Faith keeps on asking what it means what does that mean, and I have to translate it word by word so she can understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I am trying hard to speak in Tagalog at home, but my niece said that it is better to speak in Bisaya than Tagalog, she feels it very awkward or talk to her directly in English as Faith can easily understand.

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Busy Grocery Shopping With The Kids

Last Monday as also the kids Kumon, I dragged them to the mall to buy some ingredients for our Noche Buena this New Year. I also have to pay our monthly payment for our house in Pag Ibig. Right after running my errands, I dragged them to grocery store. Unlike before that I have to get a big cart so Faith can ride on it and that she won’t bother us, I could no longer do that aside from Faith is too big already for a cart, she would always follow me already. Not like before that she will just walk wherever she wants, now she will always keep an eye on us because she knows already that she will get lost if she will just roam around.

On the other hand, even though there are already many shoppers going around the grocery store, we still find some time to have fun. After that I treat the kids to eat in KFC, Faith and I shared meal because I know she could not finish the whole meal.

It was a busy day because after we had our meal, we have to go to Arirang to buy some Korean ingredients. Mariel will be the chef tonight, I just could not forget this year ever because this year we strive so hard to live and we survived. I thank the LORD for always guiding me.

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