No Competition In The Household

Practice no competition household, if either two of them did good at school or at home, praise them do not take it for granted as each one of them deserved to be praised. If the eldest or the youngest achieved something, offer them praises. In this way, there will be no competition for both of them. Unless if it is a good competition, I mean surely even though how we are so keen with non-competition household, somehow they would still compete, it is good but do not overly encourage it. Because if you compare them, they would still instill in their mind that I should be the one on top of my sister or brother, both academic and extracurricular activities. The competition is not healthy anymore because the stress there would be I should be more than her or him and not I should try harder to do my best.

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Turbo Drawing

After we watched Turbo movie in the TV. Faith draw him instantly, and we are all giggled of what it came out. Good job Faith!

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My Eldest Daughter Have Camping Today

Mj is so excited for their camping, nope this is not the Girl Scout Camping but in RCY, Red Cross Youth. When she arrived home the other day she told me about the news. She said she was one of the participant for the training and she can’t even believe it. She even begged me to let her join the camping. Of course I said yes, I mean I could still remember her so frustrated last year because she was not able to get it, they did not picked her up during audition. Now is her chance. Early this week I bought some materials needed for her camping, good thing her Dad already bought her a tent and a blanket so I will not problem that anymore. This morning she asked me to send her to school as she have so many things she have to bring to the school. She told me she will just text me when they are finish this Sunday. This will be a lonesome night for both I and Faith.

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Be Attentive To Your Child’s Skills

Every kids are unique so do not focus if he or she fail you on her academics. She or He is maybe inclined with sports so give her  a chance on that. You may your enroll your child to what she would like and not you would want her to become. Focus of her talent and make her feel that she should pursue her special talent, and whatever it is be proud because not all the kids have the same talent as your child. I am sure if you will support him or her of what he or she like, he or she would excel in that area. In this way, she will not only excel in her talent but to feel special about it.

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