I Am So Ready For Christmas

Yes, I can’t wait for Christmas this year, when I can enjoy celebrating it in our own home. I just  hope though that we are already worry-less and debt free for this house. I am thinking to put more ornaments in our house or maybe a lemax village to our center table. Geez I need to fix that one though, it has been a while that the glass was broke and it is needed to be replace. I can’t wait for Christmas, actually I can’t wait for this year to end. This year is not good for me, not at all. I hope this will be over soon so I am ready for Christmas this year.

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We do encounter bullying in fact in our day to day lives. It is just how we handle it. I always say this to my daughter just ignores it and if she can’t handle it anymore then she have to confront the person if not then just avoid them. I know it is hard to avoid them but if you keep on ignoring them they will stop eventually. And it works for her. The person just stopped and made friends with her. I am not sure if this works with some of you. But I guess the best thing to do is for the parents to tell the teacher of the kid about the situation and maybe the teacher can help to stop the bullying inside the school or classroom.

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Playing Guitar, Playing Flute

My daughters loved any musical instruments if Mj likes to play guitar my youngest daughter like to learn how to play flute. Since she is very eager to learn to play flute she asked me if she could use the computer and go to You Tube. I was busy that morning when she asked me, but she was able to type the word How to Play Flute and it directed her to the Tutorial to play flute. Anyway just recently I was able to take a video of my daughters, my eldest was playing the guitar and Faith tried to play flute:


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Preparing For Batang Pinoy And DACS

It has been days already that we were not able to go to the swimming for training. After the competition we had 2 days rest but on Monday Mj’s ear got infected, it was so painful that the next day she requested for a check-up. The Doctor advised us to rest until Friday, so it was only started yesterday that Mj had training.

They are preparing for Batang Pinoy competition and DACS, the qualifying for Batang Pinoy will be on August and that is already next month. Mj will try to win the game because she is after the reward; she said she could buy cellphone for it. Yeah, her phone was broke and she badly needed one and since I don’t have a budget for it, she is trying her best to save to buy a new phone. The DACS is for the DCAA; it is somewhat an organization for Catholic Schools that whoever will qualify the competition will be competing for DCAA, so on and so forth.

Right now, we are still trying to balance her schedule for school, Kumon and her training. The classes started last month and I am still working on her schedule, on how to do it right so we can follow everything.


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