I Am An Avid Fan

I was actually looking for speakers for our Mega Vision, when the team decided to go here to sing. Good thing though that someone suggested that it is very far here and some of them could not go. I was so thankful because I don’t have budget yet to buy a speaker. And speaking of speaker, Mj as far as I know needs a speaker as well for her guitar, perhaps some rocket speakers so while strumming she can enjoy the quality of the sound. She loves to record of whatever she is playing, it amazed me because she always find a way to have the sound so good. And I am here listening and so impressed whenever she strum her guitar. I am a secret fan indeed!

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Swimming Competition Last July 2015

This was held last July at Tagum, Mj was first to swim fast on the first hit. But because they were the total of 3 hits and they have to look which one is the fastest on her age bracket, Mj’s final result was on the 4th. On the other hand, she said she nailed it she was able to shorten her time, i hope she would continue to break her time as she needs it.

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Congratulations Faith

It was last month, after the recognition day at Faith’s school that I found out that she was part of the honor roll. She is one of the Honor B, and I didn’t even know it. I was still at work when my sister called and told me that they did not go to the school, my sister thought that they don’t have class while in fact they had program at that time. It was late when they found out that Faith had school if her classmate’s car did not go to their house to fetch Faith, sister never knew it. But then as I said it was late so sister decided not to send Faith at all.

When I fetch Faith at their house, Faith said I don’t have time for her anymore. I even answered her ‘it’s not true’ and to proved that I dragged her to the movie, we were just right on time because “The Inside Out Movie” was showing that day. Faith had fun!

I know spending a day with her is not enough. And I know that forgetting this special day of her being as one of the honor roll is not easy to forget, I could be forgiven but next time she will not value it anymore since I forgot this even of her life but even so Faith, I love you and congratulations!

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Qualified For DCAA

My eldest daughter is so happy, last Monday when she went to the pool, her coach told her that there is a high possibility that she will be included to DCAA. When I called her, she was so happy to tell me the good news so even though I was not feeling well that time, my spirit was lift up. But the next day, her teacher did not approach her so she was like not sure if she is qualified for DCAA.

But yesterday when she saw her teacher, her teacher had a wide smile and greet her. She knew then that officially she is qualified for DCAA. Now Mj is so busy again trying to complete the days for one week for training. But sometimes, she really could not complete the whole week, for this week she is absent for 3 days already. Sigh, anyway I hope she can still make it. Good job Mj!

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