If Only I Have Enough

My daughter wanted another guitar, an electric guitar this time but sigh, we are really on a tight budget and so I could not give her what she wanted. If only I have enough money I would surely buy now the guitar that she loves however, since we are seriously budgeting our money so I have to set those stuffs inside, paying bills and tuition fees are on top of my list as of this time. And this post reminds me of the tuition fees that I needed to pay for Mj and Mariel. I hope next year everything will be alright, I can’t actually wait for next year. I am excited to face the New Year.

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It Is My Nephews Birthday Today!

I was a bit hungry when I sent Faith and Mj to the pool; I planned to have dinner after their swimming. I invited my friend to go with us, but they were already done taking dinner. After a while, my sister messaged me that we will have our dinner in their house. It is my nephew’s birthday today, alas, it slipped through my mind. On our way home, I thought of something to give her and the only thing I can afford this time is one bill, a hundred bucks. Oh well, he is already happy with it, and he said he will buy things that he would like. The hundred bucks are just an additional to his 500 bucks. Yes, his uncle gave him 500 bucks, I wish him for so many birthday to come, I wish him good luck to his study and healthy and strong.

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Under The Rain With My Youngest

It is a long day today and not only that, after I went to Pag Ibig to pay the house in my sister’s house, it was raining cats and dogs. I have to drop at the mall before fetching Faith to buy an umbrella. I was looking for a very affordable umbrella but the mall does not have one. I was hoping to only take a jeepney from Faith’s school to the house. But the moment I fetched her up and we were already in the gate, the rain drops very badly. We were only at the gate yet we were already soaking wet. I have to send Faith again inside and decided to get a taxi cab for us. Yeah, I wanted to take a jeepney but the weather did not permit us to save today. The car is still in the shop and I could not do anything but to choose which one is the best for us. Sometimes it is really hard to send and fetch Faith without a car, her bag is so big and especially when the weather is trying to pissed us off. LOL On the other hand, it is better to be safe and healthy than risking ourselves under the rain.

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Ever Since They Were Little

Ever since they were little, they always bond together. They fought most of the time but they also clicked to be together. Mj became a big sister to her cousin Yan yan and looking back, one could tell time really passes by so fast. Here’s a picture of them together, we just done hearing the mass in this picture. We were walking behind and I could say that I was still so hooked with taking a picture because I did not forget to take a picture of them walking.

 photo DSCI1049_zps86ef8f03.jpg

Yan yan here is I think 4 and Mj here is about 7 years old. This was the time that sister’s Irenei’s family and I lived on the same roof. And this is one of those days that we went to church together.

The picture below was just this month, it was Sunday and they ask our permission if they could swim in the nearby pool. After swimming, they went out again to skate around the village.

 photo 10849827_10202163234561888_3753015835090077164_n_zpsda2110d1.jpg
Look how they’ve grown so fast!

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