Saving For The Future

I once saw a piggy bank at the mall when we were looking for something to decorate in our bay. I had been looking for a piggy bank for me to save some coins, I didn’t know I can only find it in Victoria Plaza Mall, the pioneering mall here in Davao. There’s only rare time that I visit this mall even though I always passed by it from work, oh well maybe it just that it is an old mall and I thought that nothing much is in there but I was wrong, they have the latest trends when it comes to clothing, apparels and the like and mind you their items are very much affordable and the things that you can’t find in the other mall, they have it there just like my piggy bank.

I got interested with buying a piggy bank because one of my friends does this and it is effective to him. And I thought its a good idea, at least I have something to look forward to when the piggy bank is full. When my eldest daughter saw it, she is also planning to drop some coins there but I told her, it would be better if she will drop P 5.00 or P 10.00 so when the time comes that we need to break the piggy bank, we had a lot to see.

I am looking forward so I can buy my kids goods, things that they truly deserve.

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Feels Comfortable At All

Faith was complaining to me one day saying that all her undergarments were loose and she is having hard time pulling it up at school. I just receive my hard earning in Blogging, I was roaming around the mall, thinking to shop for a new bag but I realized that Faith a new set of underwear. So instead of buying myself a new bag then, I choose to buy something for Faith. For the new set of underwear it cost already P 300.00, but it doesn’t matter because I know for sure if I would let her see what I bought, I am sure she will be very excited to wear it and I was not wrong at all, she feels comfortable at all.

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Checking Her Height

My youngest daughter is always looking forward to be tall as her sister. So she keeps on monitoring her height. She even told me that she is almost taller than me. My eldest daughter is already taller than I could ever imagine. So one day when I installed this shoe rack I bought from Lazada, Faith tried to check her height there.

 photo IMG_0155.jpg

I know sooner or later she will be taller than me, and I can’t help to wait for that day. My kids are teasing me that I am short but I think it is normal I mean look at some mothers today mostly they are shorter than their kids, it is maybe because we have given them enough vitamins, more nutrients, more healthy foods so their height will be impressive, at least they were able to reach what I just dreamed before.

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Inspirational Message For Your Mom

Gifts such as jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and clothing can make pleasant Mother’s Day surprises. However, you can choose to write an inspirational message to your mother on this special day and she will always remember it. A genuine message expressing gratitude and love for your mum can really lift up her spirits and will be just as appreciated as a physical gift.

Messages from Young Kids
According to apostle david e taylor, young children may not know much about what Mother’s Day entails, but they are often familiar with the idea of giving gifts to their special ones. School teachers, dads, and older siblings can help young children to create simple and sincere inspirational messages as Mother’s Day gift. It important to give the kids the space and the freedom to write sincere messages about their mothers. Allow them to write unique messages about what makes their mothers special.

Messages from Older Kids
As people grow older and learn about the difficulties of raising kids and having a family, they seem to appreciate their parents more and learn to be grateful for everything that their parents did for them while growing up. Older children can also craft inspirational messages and give them as gifts to their mothers. A sample message could read, “Thank you for always inspiring me to do my best in everything I do. You have made me a better parent and I will always be grateful for this.”

Messages from Significant Other
Dads can also provide cards and gifts to their wives during Mother’s Day. A motivational message sent by a spouse should include words of support and admiration to make her feel appreciated. A few examples include, “You always manage to get stuff done even when you can’t possibly do anymore” or “You do everything for the love you have for our kids. Your eventful days and tired nights are enough proof that you are the world’s best mother”.

Messages from Parents
Parents can start giving their daughters mother’s day gifts and cards as soon as the daughters start having their own kids. Parents can create inspirational messages for their daughters on this special day to inform them that they are doing a great job as new parents. New moms are usually inspired to hear that they are doing great as moms, especially from their parents. An example of a motivating message that could lift your daughter’s spirits includes “All your efforts and tender care are in the family tree. We are proud of you.”

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