Selling Food From A Truck

If you want to go into business for yourself, something to consider is a frozen food truck. There are many benefits of having a food truck business. One of the primary reasons as to having a business from a truck is that you won’t have the overhead that you would have if you were to rent a building. If the business isn’t successful, then you won’t have to worry about selling the building or finding someone to take over the business as the only thing that you would have is the truck.

When you have a food truck business, whether it’s selling ice cream or warm foods, you can travel where there are customers. If you see that one area of the city isn’t as busy as others, then you can go to the places that do seem to have a steady flow of traffic so that you can make more money. There are some cities that have food truck days where those with trucks can set up in an area, and customers will be able to go to the trucks where they want to purchase food. Your truck will be a mobile advertisement for your business. You can spend money on flyers and other types of advertising, but most of the work will be done by the name of the company and what is sold on the outside of the vehicle.

A food truck is an easy way for you to work alone, with your spouse or with a friend. You will have your own space without dealing with other employees if you want to be the sole owner and worker. When you own a food truck, you are the one who makes the decisions on the kind of food that is served and whether you want to work that day. You can travel across the state if you want to and have the time. If you have the proper permits, then you can often travel to other states in order to get a larger customer base. After the expenses are paid for the vehicle and the food is purchased, you get to keep all of the profits, which is a major reason as to why many people go into this business.

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How Important For College Students To Register

My niece keep on bugging me if I can accompany her today to register, you see she’s already past 18 years old but she is not registered yet for her to vote. She tried to register the other day but little did she know that the mall she went to was not for District 1 and we belong to District 1.

However this morning, we woke up late I encourage her to at least go so even we are already late but I feel like she’s not interested anymore. I am still convincing her though and tried to explain to her, what she can get in voting.

Simply it is our right to vote, this is our chance to choose who we would like to be the leader in the Philippines. The law is not perfect even so this is our only way to voice out our rights.

Election is the only means to arise issues, especially right now that the “tanim bala” scheme is very rampant in NAIA. Let’s save our OFW’s from being the victim of this scheme, this is our chance to vote who is that leader that can make this scheme stop, not only that to make if he/she can stop the very corrupt officer.

Mariel is already graduating soon to college and eventually she will work and would pay the TAX. We all know how big it is to pay TAX nowadays right? At least this time, she can express what’s in her mind by voting.

Let’s all register, let’s be wise and vote.

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And So We Decided

Last Friday during our dinner at Sumo Sam in Abreeza Mall, My daughter keeps on telling me that she doesn’t like to be on training that night. I convinced her to train today because their competition is already around the corner. I admit my daughter nowadays does not like to join the training. I just persist her to.

On our way to the pool, she does not talk at all and even when we are already in the pool. My friend even asked me what happen to Mj since she is not talking or smiling at all.  She advised me to talk to her and whatever decision that Mj will have, I should have to respect otherwise I will just be wasting money while she doesn’t have interest anymore.

So later that night, I talked to her about her training and what’s her plan. Mj seems like she is already decided and that’s to stop swimming. I talked to my husband regarding her decision. My husband advised me to let it go, and that we can still afford to send her to college even though there’s already a slim chance she can get a scholarship through swimming.

I talked to Mj again in the morning and told her about the consequences of her stopping the swimming. Even though I laid all the effects if she will stop, she still stands on her decision. And so we decided…

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Colorful Butterfly

This colorful butterfly was given to Faith when she attended one of her classmate’s birthday parties. It was one of the giveaways during the party. And this colorful butterfly is always on the bed, whenever she slept at night, 2 stuffed horses are there. I always put them on the display but Faith keeps on putting it back on the bed at night during sleep time.

Faith and her classmates always have nap time at school, and this colorful butterfly can be used as a pillow but Faith did not bring this one yet in the school. Maybe when she noticed that the pillow at school was brought home for washing then that that will be the time she would bugged me to bring the colorful butterfly at home. LOL

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