We Were In A Hurry

We already went to the music studio where Mj will going to learn how to play drum. It was the same music studio that we went to before when she wanted to learn how to play guitar. She was so happy that time that I let her enroll in Guitar lesson. On the first day that she learn how play guitar, we looked for a nice guitar right away. I was looking online, I came to check the guitar center drum off but unfortunately I didn’t have funds in my PayPal that time. I tried to save some money for it but when I already had budget, Mj said her instructor already require her to bring Guitar the next meeting so we decided to buy in the mall instead. Oh well, since we were in a hurry buying a guitar for her, the quality that we got was not good at all.

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Ended The Summer Workshops

Faith summer workshop in McDonald has ended; they have their recognition last Saturday. During the week, Faith was able to entertain some customers in the table. She even asked them if they need tissues or ketchup. She even asked them about the food. She was the front liner at all times because she never get shy talking. They were able to take orders too at the drive thru counter. Faith is having a good time. She even mentioned one time that in this house, there were 3 persons who are working. It was me, Sister Lilian and her. We asked her if she was already paid, she said they just gave her some foods after the workshop, she really thought that she is working. LOL

This May 29, the host we are all invited for the graduation day. They said that there will be no extra charge at all if we will attend because it is already included with the fee that we had.


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The Responsibility As A Parent

The main goal of a parent is to help their kids become self-reliant, respectful and self-controlled. We can ask for help at least consult with therapists, school, church and the like but if you want the discipline to work, it is contributed primarily by the Parents.

So what kind of Parents are you?

Are you a permissive parents, in which you shows more affection to your kids? This kind of parents are like, every demand of your kids, you will simply follow. This kind of parents provides a little discipline that makes your kid simply a spoiled brat

Are you an authoritarian parent? In which you always say I am the mother so you follow. This kind of parenting has less affection with their kids. This has clear expectations and consequences and this kind of Parenting is less effective.

Are you an authoritative parent? Like an authoritarian parent, this also has clear expectation and consequences but very affectionate to the kids. This kind of parenting is give and take that means they allow flexibility, they listen to their kids and collaborative, meaning kids are allowed to speak their mind. And if there’s something wrong with what they say, the parents will explain it to them why it is wrong. This kind of discipline is very effective.


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Summer Workshop

Faith is not shy.

She speaks her mind.

So when the host asked her of something she will just answer it with all honesty.

And so this video is a proof that she talks and she never get shy

In the first video, they were talking about teeth and how to make it healthy. And in the second video, they were talking about how to clean their hand and why it is important to keep it clean.

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