Events This Month For My Kids

There are many things about my kids I would like to share here but I always lost times. You see I’m a working Mom and most of the time I can’t update my blog. I am trying though but it just my time is not enough. So anyway, just this month I asked my supervisor if I can early log out because I need to attend my kids recital. This recital was supposedly scheduled on December but due to some unexpected events, the school move it to March 03, 2017 and since I don’t want to waste my time to nothing, I waited for the final schedule and when they have announced it, it is already too late I can’t plot a leave already. So I requested for my supervisor to allow me to take a half day so I can attend my girl’s recital.

Elementary was scheduled in the morning, I have to get Faith at home and thank GOD we were not late. When we arrived at the venue I unpacked Faith things right away but two teenagers approached me and they said that they were assigned to take good care of Faith so I can just enjoy watching the program. I didn’t expect it, so I gave them the bag of Faith and told them that all the stuffs that Faith’s needed is inside the bag.

The program was a success, I enjoyed it a lot especially I don’t have to worry for dressing Faith, and I had so much time to take a video and pictures of her. Faith did the piano as what she practiced at home. And guess what? I bought a piano because of this recital, I thought they will provide or let her borrow a piano but no; of course each of the kid will perform altogether on the stage so we need to bring our own piano.

It was my off that I went around the city to find a not so expensive piano, good thing I found one. It didn’t reach 4k so I was able to buy some grocery that we need at home.

On the other hand, high school will be held in the afternoon yet, so I need to wait for my eldest daughter to finish her performance, which I enjoyed a lot too. Mj was one of the dancers; she played drum for their band and a lead guitar for another set of music band. I can see her fulfillment when she did it. I am just so proud of her.

Now it’s their last week of their class and they are busy again for their moving up day. Their moving up will be on March 31st which is on Friday and geez it’s not even my off. Sigh!


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Inter-School Declamation Contest

I was so worried that my youngest will not make it and will not be able to memorize her piece during her performance for declamation last February. It was an inter-school competition for all private schools. Faith was called first I got panicked; we were hoping she will be called in the middle but nope.

I did not wish for Faith to win but I was hoping she will not be lost. The past few days was really hectic for her because every Saturday she needs to go to school for practice.

I was not even able to film her because I can’t watch her directly. I asked her mentor to do it for me. This was the video that she took.


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A Long Journey Of My Youngest

Faith finally had done her declamation last February 07, 2017. All I prayed was that she won’t forget and that she can recite well. I even asked before the day of the competition if she knows what to do already with her declamation, she answered YES confidently and when I said really, she said she will just have to pray.

I got so nervous when her number was called; she was even in the number 1 contestant. I could not take her a look on the stage. I even told her teacher if she can take a video of Faith while she’s on the stage for remembrance. She gladly went in front to film her.

And we were so happy that Faith was able to finish the whole piece without stammering, she finishes it all! She doesn’t have many actions unlike with the other contestant but I don’t care. This is a long journey of Faith and she accomplished it so much. Thank God!



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Visited Her Previous School

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I went to her previous school to attend the literary contest of her school mates, she needs to watch to get some ideas on how to do things on the stage. I’m telling you I am the one who is very nervous of this contest, it’s her first time and she is just so cool about it.

When we arrived at the school where they held the Poem and the story telling contest, Faith then exclaimed “wait, a minute, I know this place!” of course she know the place because she spent her pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 years in that school. She was looking forward seeing her classmate but her classmate is in another building already because they are in the same year with Faith and the building that we went was the pre-school/grade 1 department.

Faith asked me to take a picture of her, she never been to this place after she transferred school and I guess she was overwhelmed seeing the school that she started.

Today is her declamation contest and upon writing this post, I have goosebumps already. I am not asking her to win or something, she just has to memorize and do the actions that she has been coach with. And I am sure she can do it. Way to go Faith! I am always proud of you!

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