Her Birthday Is Fast Approaching

Tomorrow will be the birthday of my youngest daughter. Good thing I still have some money saved from my online earning. I really set that aside for her birthday celebration for tomorrow. Faith is excited about it, in fact she already have a cake in mind she like to have on her birthday, she have searched it in google right away when she learned that her birthday is fast approaching.

Right now we are busy buying ingredients for her birthday, I was with sister and brother-in-law I am just so lucky that they are always available for me whenever I need somebody to cook especially for an occasion like this.  I also have ordered the Strawberry Shortcake Theme of the cake, the Strawberry Shortcake theme was her idea, we just follow good thing I was able to find one.

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New England Patriots Won

The other day, all the people in the US must be very busy watching the Super Bowl betting of which team will win this year. Oh well, the result has come and it is New England Patriots are the team that won the championship this year. The score was not that far as New England Patriots score was 15-4 while the Seattle Sea Hawks was 14-5 some even said it was a tie but anyway one team should only called as the champion. Oh well at first as Seattle was leading, I really thought Seattle Sea Hawks will win, I was surprised that when I woke up later I learned that it was the New England Patriots won the championship. Congratulations to the champion!

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New Cover

My eldest daughter is good with guitar, it started when I enrolled her to know how to play guitar on summer. From then on she could not stop learning, now that she know the chords and all the stuff, even just in you tube she can follow. Yesterday when I was busy doing my task online, I heard her play her guitar again. She covered now the latest song that she found in you tube. Don’t mind our dog, LOL!

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Worry For My Youngest Daughter’s Health

The other day Faith was not able to finish her food, she said her mouth is hurting her. When we checked it, she had mouth sores. The next day I informed my husband about it and said we have to send her to her pedia but as we are also trying to fit in the budget and going to the pedia is out of my budget that day I just told my husband that I will just see if it will not fade that day. Thank GOD though that Faith said she does not feel any pain anymore.

Yesterday we didn’t went to her school because it was raining so hard. Later that day, she put a towel on her ear because she wanted it to be warm. She poked it and now it is hurting her. Mj has ear drops from before but she said it might not work any longer because it can only last for one month yet we still tried it. I kept on asking Faith is her ear was okay she said she’s feeling a little bit better. The next day, this morning she does not felt any pain at all.

Today after Kaakbay, I sent her to Discovery Fun so she can get along with other kids however when I got her she said she hurt her foot. She tipped off while running in the Discovery Fun. It hurts when she walked I hope it won’t swell though.

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