Effective Birth Control Is Breast Feeding

Yes, it is true. It is not only best for babies but the parents can also get something beneficial for them and that is a free birth control. This is how it explains, when the mother do the breast feeding it changes the rate of release of the normal hormones so that would stop the ovulation. Yes the mother is protected as long as she does the breast feeding your baby exclusively. Your period does not yet return and your baby is less than 6 months old. Even though it is effective, we still want to be sure of especially when after 6 months, it is advantage to also take birth control pills while breast feeding beyond six months.

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Reading Overload

I am so pity of Faith when she goes to Kumon because she can’t borrow a book. It is not that the Kumon management does not want her to borrow a book but it is because we were not able to return the book that she borrowed weeks ago. I will be sure that we will bring the book once we go to Kumon on Wednesday. So since Faith could not borrow any book yet, she was able to find the Geronimo Series of her sister. She got busy reading with it, even she do something else she would really insist of reading even during bedtime.

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I told Faith to sleep right away since it is getting late. But right after I was done with brushing my teeth, I found her still reading.

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One Week of a Serious Review

Just this week, my kids and I had a serious review with their lessons as this week was their periodical exam for 2nd quarter. Mj is reviewing her lessons on her own; she does not have a tutor anymore to guide her. I mean she asked me not to hire again another tutor for her; she said she can handle it already and besides she is old enough, she promised me to be really serious this time.

So I concentrated with my youngest daughter, their first day of exam was just this Wednesday; the covered for this exam is really long for Math. But thank God that she was able understand it easily. Unlike the Filipino, she was even crying while studying because she said it is very hard and very tricky. English on the other hand was easy peasy, we were able to finish the review early. Yesterday was their last day for this sem. And yes finally we have a semestral break for one week, Faith and Mj will go back to their respective school on November 04, 2014 to make way of the All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day.

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Changing Their Nap Schedule

Yesterday, just when we arrived at home, I scanned Faith’s assignment notebook right away. We have to review her Math for her exam today. First since she did not finish her writing at school, I told her to write what’s on the reviewer paper, the question and the answer. She wrote it actively for like 15 minutes and later she became distracted again. But I was firm and told her to write it all and follow the 3 lines rule. A bit later she started yawning, she said she is sleepy so I told her to finish the last one and she can take a nap. I was glad to hear that she would like to take a nap, Faith does not take a nap unless if she is sick. So I prepared her bed and hoping she could sleep for a while because she needs that. It was just after 10 minutes and she said she is no longer sleepy. Yes, I am having a hard time putting her for nap time. But she sleep long during night time, sometimes she could sleep until 10 in the morning.

If you have a toddler and you are having a hard time for her to take her nap. You might want to look for signs. For instant, she sleeps well in the morning and then refused to take the afternoon nap. Some toddlers also became grumpy to take their afternoon nap and would take longer to nod off. So you see this may be the time to change their schedule.

But you have to very careful when you are switching of changing their schedule because this might lead to miserable days and the kids might get stress and will have nighttime wake ups. Before you compact their naps, check if trifling with their schedule can solve the nap problems, when toddlers have a very long morning nap and then would get cranky during afternoon nap, check if the toddler will do the same if you end her morning nap earlier than the schedule time. You shall not cut any nap to less than 45 minutes, because she might need that time to complete the cycle.

If you change the napping schedule, do it gradually. Be a keen observer for your child’s nap schedule if your child is ready, you can begin by having a 15 minutes morning nap. Your goal should be putting her for her nap after 1 in the afternoon.  Listening to the music can soothe your child to nap, make this as their quiet time. Just make sure that the music you are both listening to is those soft sounds.

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