Her Choice Of Instrument

Finally, my youngest daughter is already started schooling. She started last Monday and she is so excited with the music instrument that she chooses even before she got professionally enrolled. She chooses the violin to learn and I could not wait at all to buy her the instrument that she wanted to learn at school. It was so hard though to pick a very durable and quality violin if only she would choose a saxophone maybe I could buy her that accessory for saxophone online. Yeah, it looks like very dependable oh well when it is WWBW; expect it to perform the best. On the other hand, I still did not buy my youngest daughter the instrument, we don’t have budget yet for now, as I mentioned to my other blog we are in a very very tight budget that I don’t know anymore where to get funds for our bills. Sigh!

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Doodle Bear

Just a few weeks ago, Faith always told me about Doodle Bear. And since I am confident that she could wait for it until our budget will be back on tract, I didn’t mind all what she said. She told me a week ago that she is collecting some coins to buy a doodle bear. I felt pity for my youngest daughter because she has wanted this doodle bear and I keep on telling her that someday we can buy for it. I didn’t know that she became impatient.

When she said she collected some money. I am already worried that she may take some coins out of my coin purse. I know it is not much but if I will not reprimand from doing it, the next thing I will she is already taking bills. So this morning I talked to her about it, she said she just got the coins from the floor or the shelves in the house. I told her that it is not good to take some coins when she knows it is not hers. I just told her though that we will be buying her a doodle bear when Mama will receive her salary and that she has to wait for it.

She said she understands, I kept the coins in my coin purse with her approval of course. I love my daughter and I don’t want her to keep on doing things that I know it will lead her to something that I and she will both regret.

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Meet Mr. M

Last month, when Faith was not yet enrolled to summer class and Mj was not that busy with her training. I enrolled Faith for art summer workshops. I bought some paints for her materials and some art papers. One of the art that she was so proud of is the picture below. She even told me that the name of this puppet is Mr. M a Raccoon. Faith even put Mr. M during bedtime.

 photo 8d1f9f29e11a93f0b91563eb466f41e9e5551829b91f3d1874e419c04223dc57_zpsllspj8rp.jpg

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Promote Yourself Without Sounding Like You Have a Huge Ego

Don’t feel comfortable giving yourself a public pat on the back? There are ways to promote yourself without being too self-centered.

1. Promote your accomplishments. You don’t have to act self-centered in order to promote yourself. Instead, you can focus on what you’ve achieved, not who you are. When you talk about the things you’ve accomplished, mention how they helped out bigger goals that were above and beyond your personal goals. Show your value and explain how you contributed to your company, organization, or team. This will take the focus off you and put it where it belongs: on the greater good.

2. Brag safely at first. A lot of people are used to deflecting compliments, which can make it difficult to know how to brag the right way. In the beginning, only brag in “safe” environments, like at home, when you’re around your family. There, you’ll be supported for your accomplishments and encouraged to share more about them. Once you are comfortable bragging around people who are close to you, you’ll start to get comfortable doing it in mixed company, even if Steve Wynn is in the room! Also, ask your loved ones for honest feedback. Do you sound too egotistical, or do you simply sound proud and happy that you’re making a contribution?

3. Make self-promotion a mindset. Whenever you enter a room, ask yourself what you have to offer in that specific situation. Do you want to tell your boss that you completed the project you’ve been working on? Do you want to talk about your day with a co-worker? Figure out what positive attribute you want to highlight for that specific situation, then find someone to share it with. Make sure it’s a two-way street, though. After you talk about yourself, leave the floor open for other people to talk about themselves, too. The better a listener you are when others talk, the more willing they’ll be to listen when you have something to say.

4. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to sell yourself. A lot of people sit back and wait for praise or acknowledgement. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands and broach the topic yourself. Remember, other people aren’t purposely not asking about you. Maybe they just don’t know that you have news you want to share!

It’s okay to sell yourself. Self-promotion helps other people to view you in the way you want to be viewed. By presenting yourself in a certain way, you’ll help people to form the right opinion of you.

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