Shop Now And Spend A Little

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

As you all know, I am a mother of two so it is always a deal for me to get discounts and freebies. I know they are not available at all times but not with Groupon Coupons, it is always there offering us the best discounts ever. My daughter and I needs a pair of eyeglasses. But our money is not enough so right now I am looking for discounts, so to get the budget right. Good thing that I was able to check EyeBuy Direct, and I was not wrong they are offering coupons, 3 coupon codes in fact that I can use to get the frame that I like. On the other hand, the Groupon Coupons has a wide variety of choices. Yes they also have in Maurices, Kmart, Macy’s, and the like. I am sure you love promo code and this is the right time to get those. You need to hurry because they offer once in a lifetime.

I am working as well, so shopping for myself to get the proper outfit at work, it is  not necessary but at least I need to be presentable so I am checking with Macy’s the most. And as mentioned, I needed to do some budget too so you know how much this could help me. It helps me my budget while getting my stuff without a sweat at all. They are just a click away, you can even check them with your mobile phone. So shop now but spend a little.

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No Lunch Yesterday

It is exam week, the schedule that was indicated in the paper that was submitted to us, is that they can go home at 2:00 in the afternoon. I was not able to fetch them up right away because I and my workmates went to a computer shop to check some desk tops. My other friend also has to pay them so he can get already the desk top that he ordered from them. They treat me for lunch right after. I didn’t know at all that Faith did not bring her lunch because Mj told Sister Merlyn not to bring them lunch because they will go home at 12:00, which is I don’t know at all. I expected them to go out at 2:00 p.m. so they have to bring lunch.

It was already 3 in the afternoon that I arrived home, they told me right away that they don’t have lunch and that they were waiting for me. I scolded Mj for not telling me at all, she said sorry and said that Faith is really hungry. I bought them some lunch in 7/11. Faith likes the Lasagna as always, they ate their lunch inside the car while I was driving them home.

This morning, Sister Merlyn prepared lunch for Faith and she put it in the lunch bag. Mj said to bring the pack bag instead of the stroller bag. So I let her transfer Faith things in the pack bag while I was preparing the car. I thought she transferred all the things and just now I just knew that she did not. She called me a while ago and said that Faith doesn’t have lunch, I am still working in my blog and I can’t just leave my work! I told her to buy Faith lunch at school since I can only fetch her later yet. Good thing I gave her extra allowance today, geez teenagers these days!


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Battle Of The Band Soon

I am so excited for this month. I can finally watch the performance of my eldest daughter on their Linggo ng Wika. Probably it will be held on the last week of this month. They have this competition called “Battle of the Band” and she is one of the participants, she is the base in her group. I saw her practice once but they are already almost finishing when I arrive. I forgot my phone in the car so I was not able to take a picture of her strumming her guitar. But just watching her makes me so proud. They practice at school when they get the chance. That’s why I am thinking to buy her the electro harmonix, it is a sound retainer compression effects. I actually don’t know how it can improve the sound effects of her playing the guitar, Mj should know after all she knows everything about music. I can’t wait to see her perform, thank GOD that the school has this kind of activity in their school. I could not even be contented and happier seeing her so happy with her new school.

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Kids’ Field Trip 2016

It has been a month since I didn’t update this blog, nothing to worry I am just too busy at work and I don’t have much time to update my blogs. Mind you, I am doing everything I can to finish my task online and offline but heck sometimes I got too caught with taking good care of my kids, going to work every day, doing some errands here and there. But I am okay, I am trying though.

On the other hand, the kids just had their field trip the first week of this month. Last July 07, Faith and her classmates went to Latagaw to see some animals, Faith was so overwhelmed because the tour guide explained them everything they saw in the farm. Faith even asked why they separated the other pig from the other pigs. And since I was not there, I didn’t know if the tour guide answered her. My sister just told me what they did in the place. After lunch they went to People’s Park to play and to feed some pigeons.

Mj on the other hand, went to Panabo in Mangrove on July 08 together with her classmates and friends. They were able to experience how to farm, and how to take good care of those living things in the ponds. Mj made a video on what they have done during the field trip. I believed they enjoy the whole trip, there’s only one thing that I got disappointed of, she lost my watch. She said she slipped off the small bridge and since the strap of the watch is a little bit loose; the watch was thrown in the water.


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