If Only I Have Enough

My daughter wanted another guitar, an electric guitar this time but sigh, we are really on a tight budget and so I could not give her what she wanted. If only I have enough money I would surely buy now the guitar that she loves however, since we are seriously budgeting our money so I have to set those stuffs inside, paying bills and tuition fees are on top of my list as of this time. And this post reminds me of the tuition fees that I needed to pay for Mj and Mariel. I hope next year everything will be alright, I can’t actually wait for next year. I am excited to face the New Year.

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UTI In Infants

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI in kids is not that straightforward compare to adults. If adults had UTI or the older children, usually they got it outside. In infants, UTI means the urine structures inside the body may have problems so it is better if you send the baby to the doctor right away. UTI in infants should have further investigation especially when you see a blood on the baby’s diaper. Water intake can help the discoloration but it won’t prevent an infection from occurring. If the baby has been sent to the doctor already and still you see blood on her or his underwear, you should send the baby again and have repeat testing so to make sure for the baby’s health and her or his safety.

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My Youngest Daughter’s Experience On Her Field Trip

At first I thought my  youngest could not make it, I thought she will be hyper during her field trip so I did not let her when she asked me if she could join the field trip. I even bribe her and told her I could not go with her in the bus but she said she loves me and that she loves her teacher and she want to join the field trip. So I told her I have to think about it.

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Two days before the field trip, the parents huddled and said that they will allow their kids to join the field trip. Because the payment is compulsory even the kids won’t join. Even though I was hesitant to let Faith go, I allowed her. I just told the teacher if she can have a teacher assigned to her. Faith could be so hyper and I am worried she will be lost or run or anything.

The field trip came, the kids were falling in line in the HS Gym. They stayed there for a while, they were waiting for their bus to arrive. While the kids were gathered, the parents were talking about following the kids. One parent invited us to ride in her car while following the bus and so 5 of us went with her.

 photo IMG_0233_zps3f041d47.jpg

Their first destination was SM Lanang, in IMAX they were able to enjoy the 3D. Faith keeps on telling me that she thought she touches a fish but she realized it wasn’t real.

The second destination is the Crocodile Park, the parents were still not allowed to get inside so some of us just satisfied ourselves peeping for our kids. I saw Faith how she was being careful walking and holding her towel.

 photo IMG_0239_zps8c905e92.jpg

I met her in the school, when she went out from the bus, the only word she said was “Mama, I was not eaten by a crocodile” I laughed and said “Thanks GOD!”. LOL

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Before Having Another One

Although you are ready to have more baby but you may have to consider the pros and cons before having another one. There are reasons to wait and if you check that you are really more than ready then maybe.

You need a break. The right time to have another baby is after 18 to 23 months from giving birth to the eldest. Because in this time, your body is already recovered from pregnancy and from giving birth, you are fully recovered physically and emotionally.

Babies needs a lot of attention and cares so having them close their age, it is indeed very stressful in your part and also there’s a possibility that the other one especially the eldest will be left out.

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