Selfie Time For Her

I was browsing in my Ipad when I saw these pictures of Faith. Actually this is not the first time that she is taking pictures of herself. I just found these one of the cutest.

 photo 13230224_10208933397628296_3952512904567793999_n.jpg

She likes editing her pictures, she even edited mine. I have this picture that she captured “Kids love your Mom” it was the sweetest message for me, it is like reminding herself that no matter how much she doesn’t like my rule for her sometimes, she have to love forever.

On the other hand, I went to McDonalds booth at NCCC mall to get the entrance ticket for their workshops grand graduation day, I don’t have any idea what will happen to the event, all I know is that have to go there, need to pay yet my entrance fee of P 85.00 so I can watch her inside the gym.

 photo c010c923-4207-4ca4-b9eb-22472d4b0e2c.jpg

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Protect Your Kid’s Skin During Summer

When Mj was still a kid and had a hard training for swimming. I always don’t mind putting sunscreen lotion on her skin until I was rebuked by my friend. She was the only who told me that putting sunscreen lotion to her skin should be a routine before her training especially during the excruciating heat of the sun. So from then on, I always have her lotion ready before her training.

Even if your kid is not swimming, even if you just have a simple walk in the park, it is very important for us parents to have your kids wear protective clothing or sunscreen for your kid’s skin to avoid skin damage. Our weather today is very much different with the one that we have before especially during summer.

Your kids should be wearing the SPF 30 or even higher for maximum protection. The skin disease that your kids might get if they don’t wear sunscreen are skin rashes, sunburn, cell and tissue damage. If one of your kid activity is swimming, make sure you apply her or his the water resistant sunscreen lotion, which can help protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. Remember lotion can be wash off in water, so you should reapply the lotion at least every one hour.


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They Watched This Time Too

I supposed to watch the block screening with my niece but I already watched the 1st day, it was showing. I wanted to watch again but I was so tired and sleepy when I arrived home last Sunday. And since my eldest daughter wanted to watch the movie, I gave the ticket to her. Yes, it was the block screening of This Time here in our place last Sunday. I was also doing the Zumba while waiting for them, Faith is using the gadget in the bedroom. After exercising, I told Faith to stop with the gadgets, which she gladly followed.

Mariel said the movie was great and was jam-packed with movie goers. I am so glad that the movie was really a hit. Oh yeah I like Jadine I guess everyone who knows me knew that I adore this love team and I guess my kids starting to love them too. Uh uh, except Faith as she is jealous with Nadine, anyway spare her she is just a kid, wanted my attention alone.

On the other hand, as I already mentioned last Monday I was the one got surprised because they gave me something when they arrived. It was just simple but I appreciate their gift to me when they greeted me Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day To Me!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day I didn’t expect that the kids have something for me when they get home. They went out to watched a movie “This Time” my treat for them. It was already 6 in the evening that they arrived home. Mj keeps on calling me from outside, I thought it was just nothing so since it took a while for me to get up from bed she went inside the bedroom and surprised me with these:

 photo 13094106_10208897811658669_2579293891646002624_n.jpg

I had a cake, balloon and the rose.

Thanks for Ate Mariel and Ate Mj for the effort to buy all these. Although there are times that I kept reprimanding you to do good and it seems like you are not following all my advise, you did not forget to be so sweet at times and these are one of those days that I always treasure you both. Always remember that I always behind you in good and bad times.

 photo 12938363_10208640759792533_4239238157375184853_n.jpg

Mariel and I during our movie together in CVG
 photo 13094294_10208824886035574_4231290434582939265_n.jpg

Mj and I during our recent trip in Mainit and Comval

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