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My Baby’s Improvements

Faith is growing so fast, she can even utter many words though sometimes I cannot understand some of it. When she needs water she would grab my hand and will say “Ater please mama” that means “Water please mama” she can also pointed the right object in the book while she said saying it is a “yoyo” or “juice” or “dress” though sometimes she would say “wow” in the image of the dress in the book. She could also say book when she want to read her book, lido when she want to take a bath, she could complain to us when her Kuya yanyan my nephew would attempt to bug her around.

One time, Erning our carpenter went here at home to invite us to their Fiesta, Faith then held his hand and said “Ning, Fish” she lead him where our aquarium was placed and she pointed it out to Erning, we were laughing because she knows how and what to entertainment a visitor, that fish she pointed out to our carpenter is a newly arrived one that my brother-in-law bought that night before.

She had so many improvements that I could be amazed sometimes, her Dad always exclaimed she is just a smart pooh butt girl, because she is still could not pooh in the toilet bowl whatever training I had to give her, well that is okay I guess she needed more time to learn about that, at least she would say thank you after the training or when I gave her a milk when she sleeps.