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My Baby Sob

We went to Faith’s Pedia today for her vaccination, when we arrived at the clinic she immediately greeted everyone “Hello, Baby” “Hi” with her wide smile. She keeps on walking back and forth and sometimes peeking at her Pedia’s room, she was so active until one boy went inside the room with his Mom, when the doctor tried to inject him, he cried out so loud, he even ran inside the room, the doctor had a hard time giving him a shot.

They tried to convince him that he will just give him a power to make him stronger and that’s the injection but he didn’t listen, while the boy kept on shouting and crying, Faith on my lap was so silent, she didn’t even attempt to walk around or to get near at the Doctor’s room, she hold my hand so tight. I thought that the boy inside the room was only four years old, but I was surprised when the secretary told us that he is already 10 years old and nope he is not a special child.

We were the last one who was called, the Doctor welcome Faith very warmly, my baby smiled back at her, then after he put the stethoscope to Faith’s chest and her back, he prepared the shots immediately, Faith was like looking at him but then when his Pedia started to inject the shots to her leg, she screamed not that hard but enough to make me feel pity for her, then right after the cries, she sob like a real lady while she hugs me. Even though she was upset of today’s visit, she still so sweet did not forget to say “bye bye, doc