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GT: My Favorite Drinks

Since I am so tired here, I need to drink my favorite drinks and that is a Coke Zero, I and honey ordered nothing but only coke zero when we are out for dine, kids are ordering their favorite milk shake.

My hubby keeps on storing coke zero in our fridge when he is here, even in the hotels, so we can save more, hotels mini bar charge us big time when we get drinks from their fridge.

And of course “water please” hehehe my niece took this picture when we stayed in Grand Mensing, it looks refreshing and it is all time favorite of everyone, of course we cannot live longer when we don’t drink water, right?

Anyway please pardon me if I can’t leave a comment to your blog yet, aside from I am so tired my Internet connection here is so slow, it took me even one hour to download those ¬†pictures¬† wahhhh