A Gift Early In The Morning

I thought that my wedding surprises are over but I was wrong because a gift just arrived in our doorstep, nope it is not from my husband it is from our neighbor, my friend whom son punched Mj on her stomach.

Is this a pay off for hurting my kid at school? Nope, I guess not because she had promised me before that she would send me a gift when her fiancée will arrive for their wedding on October, well I think she was busy and did not remember anything until the day of that incident. Hence, it is not the gift that counts though, it is the thought and I hope this is not bribery or something because if her kid would do the same thing again, certainly I still not hesitate to report it to his teacher or worst I might report him to the guidance councilor.

Anyway, thank you so much for the 7 sets of bowl you gave me, it is my pleasure to receive those and no worries, I still care for our friendship and promise to make it last.

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