Mellow Yellow Monday # 4


We only have few relatives here in our place; I guess we are not even reach to 15 relatives that includes the small one’s already. So whenever one relative would invite us for dinner perhaps we will all go since that is the only time we can see each other out of our hectic schedule everyday.

The picture that I am going to show you is my nephew wearing a yellow shirt; he is the second youngest among his cousins from Faith who is only one year old, Xian 2x that is his name will be celebrating his three years on December. He was so cute trying to pose for me and show us his quick but biggest smile; Faith doesn’t want to be near him because he keeps on hugging her so tight maybe she was suffocated with his hugs.

My Nephew Xian2x
Me with my nephew

And because life is better with a splash of yellow, join us here

12 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Monday # 4”

  1. Joops says:

    He is handsome!

    Would you mind looking at my little librarian?

  2. The Explorer says:

    being with other family makes us feel more are home especially in occasions.

  3. Marice says:

    u got a cute kiddo there!

    u may view mine if u have time

  4. craftymom says:

    You have a cute nephew Ann. Niguapa gyd ka samot ba…Happy MYM!

    Mine is here

  5. anne says:

    Thank you Joops a little brat also lol

  6. anne says:

    Hi explorer you are right occasions are the only time for us to have reunions with our relatives

  7. anne says:

    thank you Marice

  8. anne says:

    oist salamat jud tawon gen hehehe

  9. Sreisaat says:

    Wow, your nephew has a killer smile! Move over, Aga Muhlach. There's a new heartthrob in town!

    Inside Cambodia

  10. Perry says:

    Cute little boy. I remember when my youngest was that age, not long ago.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  11. anne says:

    Hi Sreisaat thanks for leaving a comment hehehe aga? hehehe not far lol just kidding

  12. anne says:

    thank you perry, and your welcome also

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