She Entertained Us

Faith woke up too late from her afternoon nap so I have to be the one to help her fall asleep so my sister Merlyn can go home early. It was almost 9:00 p.m., when I put her to her crib and told her that her sister and Ate Mariel had gone to sleep and she should not disturbed them. She was struggling in her crib so I carry her and swing her a little so she could finally rest.But nope she did not, indeed she entertained us when I tried to sang a song for her, she would imitate the lyrics and would try to create a melody, although she can imitate the ending words, we burst out laughing because she did not uttered it correctly, like the I love you she would say “la bo” or the I’ll be there she would say dell, her two Ate could not help but to kiss her so hard, my niece recorded her voice in my phone I might post it here one day.

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