So Sweet

Like Mj when she was still a baby, Faith surprised me with a kiss early in the morning. I was so sleepy and although she was already awake and was so noisy beside me in our bed, I totally ignored her and continued to sleep. Then, suddenly I felt her lips touching my cheeks, she indeed kiss me and because of that I could not help to face, smiled and greet her with my morning kisses.There was one time also that I woke up so early in the morning to prepare Mj to go to school, since she was still in the bathroom, I lied down in our couch and have my eyes closed, then I heard our door in the bedroom opened very slowly, I didn’t mind it since I thought it was Mariel who open it, but nope it was my little love bug who was just awake at that time. You know what she did when she saw me sleeping in the couch? She got a piece of cloth and tried to wipe my face, well at that time I was sweating because I felt like I was burning in fire, it was so hot and just to think of it, it was still 6:a.m., whew!

4 Responses to “So Sweet”

  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    awww, you are blessed with sweet kids Anne. I am happy for you

  2. Jen says:

    uggh….that is so sweet!same thing with my girl,she always wake me up in the morning with a kiss and say good morning the sun is beautiful!heheh..

  3. anne says:

    hehhee yup it is really different when u have a kids around you, because they could make the simple day to a very very happy day

  4. Mom of Four says: can do some things that we will get amazed. Sweet naman, mga kids ko di naman nanggigising nga halik, yuyugyugin ako at sasabihin ni Wrozlie " Mommy, wake up, it's morning time, you need to get up" hehehe..wala man lang lambing..

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