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Before She Got Sick

The picture below was taken when we went to the mall before we send Faith to her Pedia, we have to get the money that my hubby wired for us, we stayed for a while in the mall so we could catch up with the 2:00 p.m., schedule. Since it was already 11:30 a.m., when we finished the transaction at the bank, if only they had a fast procedure for remittance we might had catch up with the morning appointment not to mention that the bank was so crowded and Faith with my sister Merlyn were waiting for me. Probably Faith had gotten a virus inside the mall because when we arrive at the clinic, her Pedia found out that she just got a fever.

Right after the transaction, we headed to Pizza to have our lunch, we really didn’t notice that Faith was not well anymore, who would know while she kept on running around and so active yet, even when we were already at the clinic waiting for our number to call.

Trying to order some food

Huhum, Mom didn’t know I am already sick here

While waiting for the food