Big Change This Coming Year

Tomorrow would be another day, I will send Mj again for her tutorial at Kumon and perhaps we will purchase some ingredients for the New Year’s Eve. Geez the time flies so fast, it was like yesterday that we celebrated the Christmas eve and now we’re about to face the year of the tiger.

Next year, there’s a big change would happen to our lives, and I am so excited to do it. First was the moving out, yes I loan this house when I was still working at the call center and I move in here together with my sister’s family, and since I and Terry had the plan to get married, I promised her I would turn over this house when our visa will be approve and we’re ready to go to hubby’s place but since that’s too far away yet and Faith is getting older and I felt tight with our tiny bedroom already, I guess it is time for me to move out. Eventually sister could have my house so why not turn it over now.

I will start to canvass for the things to be use in the new house, I just need a dinner table, some chair, sofa, stove, TV, a mattress for Mj’s bedroom, and etc., etc.,

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