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My router did not function well yesterday, so I gave it a rest until last night that I have to reset it quick because it still did not work, however the thing is I already lost my manual and the CD, I was sure I just keep it in my brother-in-law’s case but I could not find it there.

List talk, well I got so many lists here that I really have to purchase it very soon or else, I would be out of budget for using the money for some other things.

First and foremost – To buy Faith her toy computer so she won’t bug me to tap the keyboard of my laptop whenever I am using it.

Second in my list is Mj – She doesn’t know what’s her gift yet but I would buy her a nice and big palace toy, I am sure she would love it because it has been decades that she want me to buy one for her, but I said no because I want her to wait. She did not persist though; I know she is patient enough to wait for the right time.

Third is my niece Mariel- Well I already bought her Christmas wish and that was a blouse, I just have to wrap it.

Fourth is my nephew Yanyan – I might buy him a remote control robot.

Fifth is my nephew Dodong – I definitely buy him a remote control car

6th is my niece Moreen – A pants or a blouse

7th is my nephew Alester – I asked them to spend their Christmas eve with us, so my nephew should be counted for gifts.

And that was all; I guess I better wrote down the discount date in the mall so I could get a lesser amount of these toys.

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  1. Mom of Four says:

    Ready na pala talaga ang christmas list mo eh, i need to do my shopping, kasi gaya mo, baka maubos sa ibang bagay ang aking money, hehehe. The palace toy for MJ is kind of nice, di ba malaki na siya para dun?

  2. anne says:

    Hi liza thanks for the comment you left here

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