Let’s Welcome Them

I had a three friends who just joined the blogging arena; actually one of them, is my cousin and they are the following:Ada of Being a Housewife: Particularly, she talks about being a housewife in her blog, being parents, single mom or working mom. She was my schoolmate before, one of my friend’s closest pal during college. Let us welcome her as she explores her writing in cyber world.

Genny’s Baby you’re my Destiny: Just found her one true love, so this blog was inspired by him I hope they would end up each other and would continue their relationship to last.

The last but not the least my ever dearest cousin Ivee of Sunskyivee, I actually did not add her yet but I will after this post: She loves Korean celebrities so much, so her being the big bang fanfic and the love for little dragon leads her to create some love stories, write ups and such. I am not sure what this little dragon G dragon about, hehehe

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  1. Mom of Four says:

    HOw nice of you to introduce the new blogger members. I bet, ikaw nag convince sa kanila noh!

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