… And We Cannot Just Stop That

My eldest daughter would celebrate her birthday soon and she is so very excited about it, she keeps on asking me about the foods I would bring her, of course I won’t be telling her because that would spoil the moment. The time really flies so fast, next time I won’t be minding anymore the balloons or loot bags for her birthday celebration instead I will be thinking to buy some gifts for her as a really grown up woman, a new bag or purse or a new earrings though I hope she doesn’t mind if I would give her things, those are not branded or expensive because the thought that counts after all.

Or worst, a guy would be sending her gifts in the doorsteps, no way! I might just buy a gun for her birthday so her suitors will not pursue all the things on his mind. Anyway, you know that I am only joking and I am sure you feel the same way about your girls; sometimes for me its really hard to have a daughter than a son. Well, I guess we have to face some facts about life, that the kids will grow up somehow and we cannot just stop that.

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