Everything Will Be Alright

When I learned about the devastation caused by an earthquake in Haiti, I could not help but to grieve for the victims especially those who were trapped in a hotel building until now. It is so tragic to know that some of our fellowmen were there and struggling so hard to live. I hope they are alright and alive, it may seem impossible especially that it has been three days now since the ravage happens and the rescuer still could not locate them.

I hope they would be given more strength and a lit of faith that soon they will be alright. Courage to try harder to live for their family who are waiting and praying for their safety, it might not be possible but when you trust GOD that much, everything will be in place. He will always makes a way because there are no things he cannot do as long you ask him.

But if things unwanted will about to happen, we have to bear in mind that we are just human and that life is so short, we don’t even know what will happen in the future. It is best if our end has come, we are ready.

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