Hep Hep Hooray

I really had fun today, not only because of the delicious food that was offer in the party but also because I was able to join the Hep Hep Hooray contest. I was about to leave to go to the room that my friend rented for hours when my name called, I was no idea what I would do, actually none of us knew why our names were called. Later did we know that the host of the game want us to participate in a certain game and yeah that was the Hep Hep Hooray.

I thought I will lose on the first round but no, I think I have done a good job of doing that game, because I won the first prize, Mj was so happy because she has again another loot bag she would bring home later. It sure rained so hard but guess what we really fun and we chit chatted with friends for so many hours.

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