I So Miss My Friends

I’d been working like a dog ever since, I was a customer service in a mall then a Secretary counting tires in a truck in a trucking services, then I was a merchandiser from a certain product but due to I want more commission in the tiles department, I entertained customers from their though that means I have to carry a dozen of tiles and mind you it was not the ordinary tiles, it was the 12 x 12 size tiles.
Sad to say I have no pictures from those friends I made from there. On 2004, I was hired as an administrative assistant in a construction firm, I had ups and downs on that company but I didn’t deny the idea that I learned so many lessons from that company. Although I have to push my rights and to shout the working men in the field over the radio, it was so funny because they thought I was a big bulky woman because when I demand some information from them, they should answer it fast or else they would know what will happen. But I was able to deal with them, I know some of them can’t pick up that easy but later we became friends and they were able to understand me with the push and the demands, they knew that I have to face it myself to my boss if something wrong happen in the site.

I resigned from that company due to some reasons and tried my luck in a drinking company; it was only a part time job though. A two months locating their Accounts Payable and collections, then after two months, I was hired as an agent for a ticketing company, well I was focused on the Accounts payable and not of encoding passengers in a plane. They planned to train me and send me for seminars regarding with tourism and airlines but a text message came to me that I was hired as one of the Accounting staff in Digital Interface, they offered me a higher salary once I will be regular, so I render my resignation to the airline company and tried my luck in Digital Interface.

Friendships and the good ambiance in the office made me stayed for 1 year, I didn’t want to resign but I had to choose to level up my knowledge into a much complicated agenda of my career. And that was to apply as a call center agent in one of call centers here in our place, there I was able to enhance my communications skills and my patience in dealing customers over the phone. I was a customer service representative and it was harder in my part though I was able to manage all the calls well. I didn’t have reports that I abandoned call or being impolite to the not so good customers. Maybe I was strong enough to handle such cases unlike with some other agents who cried quietly while taking the irate phone calls.

Now since I had Faith and I can’t seem to go out anymore at night because every time I am about to leave, tears will about to well-up. I think the best and the most memorable career in my entire life is to be a mother, sure I don’t have a salary to expect every 15th day of the month, but the joys and the love of our kids are truly worth than a thousand of pesos every payroll. I so miss my friends though, I sometimes envy them of being so busy at work but I guess I have a life to take and a family that needed my attention.

2 Responses to “I So Miss My Friends”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    Correct ka dayn, kahit walang bayad, basta mga anak natin ang babantyan at aalagaan, it's the most fulfilling job ever, motherhood.

    Dami mo na palang napasukang trabaho, hehehe..But,now you're a full time mom and loving it.. Good for you!

  2. anne says:

    hi liz hehehe yes of course, iba talaga ang experience I never had this one before when I have mj yet because I had to work hehehe

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