She Fell From Our Bed

It is the second time that my youngest daughter fell from our bed. First, was when she was playing around the bed and my niece Mariel was in front of her but she was busy with the computer, I don’t know what happen but we just learned that Faith fell from bed because we heard a drop in the floor and then a loud cry. We hurriedly went to the bedroom; she was already carried by my niece but still was crying.Last night, when we were sleeping sound, I heard her instant cry, the room was too dark and I did not seen her right away and you know where did I found her, she was already sitting in the floor. I guess I really have to buy a new double bed now, Faith is moving around the bed and she couldn’t notice that she is already at the edge of the bed, we are four fitted in one family size bed so she is trying very hard to look for a place that is not tight and that is in the bottom part of the bed.

When I picked her up from the floor and turn the light on, she does not acquire any hump in the forehead though, I hope it was just nothing but even so I really have to replace our bed.

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  1. Neldajay says:

    what a co-incidence Anne…my son fell on the me last night too. He didn't notice the first time and didn't cry because I catched him while I was asleep. The second time he woke us up and screamed. We are on vacation so we stayed in a motel and thier bed are smaller than the one we have at home.

    Our bed at home was down on the floor so that when they fall is not as hurt and dangerous.

    I hope your daughter is not hurt much. Take care!

  2. anne says:

    well i guess she is not hurt too much girl because she stop crying right away when I picked her up

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