We Rushed Her To The Hospital

I have wrote about the throwing up of my little love bug on Mary Anne’s Musings, I didn’t expect that after I wrote it, Faith threw up again and this time she threw up even she was fast asleep. It was already 1:00 a.m., that we decided we should rushed her to the hospital, so I call a taxi cab immediately while sister Irenie change her clothes, she was still asleep at that time but later she realized that we have to go out, she started to wake up, she was getting weak yet she said “Yehey,” while clapping her hand”. Well, that’s how her reactions every time we would go out so maybe she thought we will go to a mall or a park.

It was raining so hard when we went out, so you can imagine how worried we were and the rains never stop pouring since the other day, geez I hope it would stop though or else some areas will be flooded again. Anyway so when we arrived at the hospital, I thought the doctor will advised us to admit her, good thing he did not, instead he let us to be the out patient, and Faith will just be given a medicine for the vomit. Her urine must be checked as well, but she did not pee until we decided to go home and just go back to send her urine. We can leave Faith at home though so she could get some rest as she did not slept well at the hospital because she keeps on observing the people around and would cry when one of them would get near.

6 Responses to “We Rushed Her To The Hospital”

  1. Riza says:

    I hope your baby is fine.

  2. Mom of Four says:

    Maybe it's just something she ate. But, you did the right thing of taking her to the hospital, I would have done the same.. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. texas_sweetie says:

    naunsa man diay ba? kuyaw kuyawan pud ta ug bata magsuka kay d kasulti ug naunsa sila..

  4. anne says:

    thank you riza

  5. anne says:

    her vomits stops now what I am concerned about is her pooh, its all water wahhh

  6. anne says:

    lagi anne oi karon gikalibanga na sad wahh

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