2nd Birthday Celebration Of Faith

It was February 5th that we moved in to the newly rented house and it was February 8th that we have to celebrate Faith’s birthday, so you can imagine how busy I was with arranging all the stuff in the house and planning with my little one’s birthday party.

My little Faith’s birthday cake

Our Food

At first, I thought to just celebrate it with my family and some friends at the pool, but I was worried with the expenses I will incur if I do that, not to mention that I have to be the one to pay for their entrance. So I better have to celebrate it with minimal cost but still I never thought I would spend so much at that night because a lot of visitors who came more than what I expected.

Blow the cake Faith!
Our little food

On the lighter note, the party was a success although I did not hire any clown or mascot for her birthday but all the visitors enjoyed the food in the table, I have to thank Kuya James for that, he was the one who cooked all that.

Fun Fun Fun

3 Responses to “2nd Birthday Celebration Of Faith”

  1. Dhemz says:

    agoy pagakalami kaau sa pakals ninyo mami…belated happy birthday kay baby faith….:)

    gutom na nuon ko da…:)

  2. Analuz says:

    lamia sa mga food oi.

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    happy birthday Faith! Sarap ng lechon!

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