Check The Label

I have mentioned here before that I tried the diet pills of that from China and after few days of taking it, I felt like I am palpitating too much. I told this to my sister but she did not believe it, I checked the container if it is BFA approved but I could not find anything. I thought I was just imagining things or just over reacted but when I talked to one of my sister’s friend, she also had the same experienced and stop taking the pills. It warned me not to continue with it, I told my sister about it as she also taking it but did not experience any side effects. So she ignores me once again, I cannot break her belief that one day it would have a very effective result until the news broke it off, saying there were already victims of the said pills and had a severe lose bowel movement from then on, she stopped it right away.

If I hadn’t stopped it, I might be one of their victims. The incident helped me to realize that you just can’t trust a weight loss supplements if the source is not reliable enough, I mean look what I did? I was just wasting my money, time and effort over that pill. So if I were you, if you are really trying so hard to lose weight, you should find someone or a website that tells all and you must also check the label if it is approved by Bureau of Food and Products so to make sure you are safe.

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