The Free Signal And My Little Girl’s Party

It took me a while to update this blog due to the move out that happen last Friday, I was not even had a time to do the Meme I joined every Thursday, Monday and Friday for this blog. Well, I know you understand, as much as I really wanted to hop in my computer and do my task here, I just can’t since it was really getting crazy over here and I have to wait for the smart bro to connect my Internet so I won’t be taking the signal from the neighbor, yes they had a WiFi but they are putting it off anytime though I have to thank them for sharing me, their signal for like one night because my niece enjoyed it a lot.

Tonight was Faith’s birthday party, I thought there were only few visitors who would came to the house but I was surprised that my 25 pieces paper plate was all finished, geez I should have bought 50 pieces, hehehe. Although we did not have clown or a mascot unlike last year yet everyone still enjoyed the food that was served. I have to thank everyone who shared the celebration with my little girl; my baby is now two years old and Oh! She knows how to use to potty, good job Faith!

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