Package, Grocery, and Cartoon Movies

Lo and behold! I thought I could send the package yesterday but nope I was not able to since I need one more document from NSO, I would waste money if I insisted to just send it and later will send the last document. Anyway, even though it was raining a bit yesterday, I still survived the day lol!

After I exchanged the work sheets of Mj, I proceeded to the grocery and shop a little, I bought the kids a cereal, they were so happy with it, Faith abruptly asked me if she could eat it right away but I said not yet since she didn’t had her dinner yet. Mj was still in her tutor when I arrived home and since she has to walk from there to our house I fetched her up instead, not to mention it was already 8:30 p.m., when they finished.

Like Faith she was also happy when she saw their favorite cereal in our fridge that after we ate dinner, Faith and her still ate a bowl of cereal while watching their favorite cartoon in Disney channel, haist when I could watch my own movie in this house. Don’t get me wrong though, because you can hear me laughing so hard also later in the living room with them.

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