Special Event At Such

I remember when I was pregnant with Faith; my coworkers gave me a wonderful baby shower. I really needed the things that they gave me, it really helped. So now I have a friend who is pregnant with her first baby. I have though what I could give her that would make her smile. Well, as my friends and coworkers did for me, I am planning on a surprise baby shower.

A baby shower favors and some games will make it a special event. As you know we Filipina love to eat and I am planning on serving lechon manok, pansit, and lumpia, but what do you think? We will certainly have a cake, though I know I should probably skip that, lol.

Well I will have fun planning this surprise shower and I am thinking on getting her baby some clothes, but as of now we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl. As well as a gift, there are some things that Faith does not need any more I can pass on to my friend. Do you think she can make good use of them? I know that I was so excited for Faith to come into the world and I am sure the expectant mother will excited to see her strong healthy baby. I hope the baby shower will be a success.

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