Cold in the basin

Faith just loves water. When she is taking a bath even though how cold the water would be, she could stay for hours if we won’t persist to take her away from the basin of water. I guess every kid has an obsession with water, they just can’t resist it when they are into it just like me before, although I can’t be seen anymore every time we go to a beach for summer get away, because I was already burn from the heat of the sun, I still won’t stop. Obviously, it’s different now because I wanted to be at least have a light skin even how I tried to put some whitening lotion, my skin still won’t change, or white as what I always dream of.
Faith is lucky because she had her Daddy’s skin so no matter how she stayed for long under the heat of the sun, her skin would stay the same. I and Mj have to shed ourselves somewhere so we could save our skin from the dreading heat of Mr. Sunshine.

See how cold she was? But she was complaining at all

Well spare me Mom, I just want to be the little mermaid, hehehe

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  1. Neldajay says:

    she reminds of me when I was a little girl… i love to play in the bucket! She looks cold really

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