Doing after six

My sister Irenie came over here for dinner with her son last Sunday, I was cooking for them our favorite Chicken Pineapple that she noticed me gaining too much weight this time. I don’t deny such as before when she claimed she was thinner than I was, I would really argue but not now anymore. I admit I really gained few pounds, the reason why it has been two days now that I am doing after six, how does it work? Well, you must have a lot of discipline of your self not to eat any food after 6:00 p.m., until morning comes, you should exert extra effort to avoid the temptations of any food in the table.

It works for some people, and since I can’t find any way to go back to the gym yet because of my kids, I might try this pattern. Let’s see if I’ll survive and if not I might just ask for a rescue from diet aids, if there’s any so to get rid of my flabby fats and to continue losing weight. I am dread serious of getting the shape that I had before well not too much though; maybe I just work out a little so I could lose few pounds. Now, what do you say?

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