Explore My Unknown Talent

I know I keep on writing about my failures in cooking, yes I admit that I am not into cooking a delectable foods but living alone with my two super hyper active kids, I think it’s time for me to explore my unknown talent and try to make it appetizing not to mention that Mj need me for cooking a breakfast and lunch for her.

I tried a Chicken Pineapple few weeks ago and sure it taste a little yummy but it was not too appealing, it has different appearance from what I have seen with Kuya Jame’s Chicken Pineapple, but I think I just need to practice more. Although I was not that successful with my Chicken Pineapple, I think I made it good with my Beef Steak, well my sister told me that it has the same taste with the beef steak that my brother-in-law cooked before. But I guess success will always go with failure because the fried chicken I prepared for the kids the other was obviously not good, the inside was not cooked though it was already overcooked when I checked the meat in its outside surface.

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