Faith’s Morning, Recipe And A Kakanin

So I was right, Faith woke up so early as 6:00 a.m., this morning because she slept so early last night and she did not take her afternoon nap yesterday so she was grumpy and oh so tired from the whole day activity, she even bug us to have her dinner already though I did not finish cooking the ground pork recipe I copied from one of the bloggers here. I just forgot the name of the blog but whoever you are thank you so much for sharing the recipe online.
Now, she is being so active again. For her not to disturbed me while I was cooking for breakfast and Mj’s taking a bath. I have turned the TV on for her so she could watch her favorite morning show like Barney and the Sponge Bob. After a while her cousin Dodong arrived with my sister. She greeted them with a big hello immediately. The vegetable and kakanin passed by, so we hailed it and bought some vegetables for lunch. It’s my sister’s turn to cook for lunch so I have ample time to lurk here in my blog. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Faith trying to choose what kakanin she would like to taste

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  1. eden says:

    kalami ba ana oi.. nalibug si faith kay daghan man kapilian..hehehe

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