Farewell Party Today

Mj will be having a farewell party at school today, so this might be just a quick post, I don’t have plans to bring the laptop at school because we would be going to a mall afterwards since we really have to return the games that we bought yesterday at the Circuit City because it won’t function with Mj’s Nintendo.
I might also going to grocery shop for the house later since I would be out of town for three days. I am kind a nervous about the seminar since they said they sometimes would ask you more papers to prove that my behalf is genuinely married to me. Anyway, I hope they won’t ask some documents, which are out of my hands because if they would, I might go back here in Davao to get it and that means another thousands of pesos would be wasted.
Well, on the other note, since I brought all the things they told me over the phone, I guess they won’t demand more.

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  1. Vernz says:

    Anne, pwede ngutana… unsa imu web host? Ok sila wala ka downtime? pila pud?

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