For This Month Edition

It has been a while that I haven’t bought a Housekeeping magazine since I was so confused where to place it as we didn’t have a magazine rack at this house. I planned to buy one but I just can’t purchase it this time due for funds restrictions. Well mind you, I still didn’t have a magazine rack this time but I am already so itchy to buy one for this month edition.

Yesterday, I grabbed a copy of it while I was roaming around the mall a bit, and I was not wrong to buy one because I just learned a lot from this month edition. I have copied a lot of recipes, some points to preserve a left over bread, I learned also some tips for keeping your house safe if you are on vacation, I learned that you should check any electronics for short circuits. If you are away for a week or so, it’s best and safest to just unplug them from the wall outlet that will protect your house and our electrical equipment.

I have fun reading some stories as well, that is so touchy, complicated and some are very informative. And the last but not the least, yes I found out that one blogger was featured in this magazine, his and her wife shared some points on how to start an online journal in fact the husband is in my friend’s list. Guess who they are?

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