Girls Talk : The Most Hidden Pictures

Lol, I have to open my shutterfly account to look for the not scary at all but funny pictures of mine that I don’t like to look even for like seconds. Well for the sake of our theme today, I might just share these to all of you.

Obviously, my dance was so funny. This was taken when we had our Christmas Party back on 2004. We joined the contest and guess what? We won the first prize, well there were only two contestants and since we did a good job of making the people laugh at us, we got it.

Are you familiar with Ina in Pangako Sa Yo drama series? Have you seen Ina there? Lol, nah just kidding, I am just referring to the Ina who is the Ina [Mom] of Jaya. I guess you could easily pick up the look alike of Elizabeth Ramsey there hehehe, peace!

I was just so starving at the moment, we have to wait for the food to cook, and it was raining so hard at the moment. We just went out from the office at that time and we have to hurry so we could catch the anniversary of our company that was held in Dumoy Beach Resort, it was an over night fun, we really had a blast!

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22 Responses to “Girls Talk : The Most Hidden Pictures”

  1. Sherry says:

    oh thats fun, I no dance at christmas party for more than 10 years lol

    check mine

  2. Dj Mariñas says:

    hehe. dala lang siguro ng gutom 🙂

    here's my entry:

    hope you can visit

  3. Rossel says:

    a lot prettier than elizabeth ramsey, lol!

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs

  4. gorgeous_MHE says:

    Sobra ka naman po, hindi naman Ina ni Jaya…

  5. Miranda says:

    Hi there 🙂 Nice pictures. Looks like you were having fun (maybe that's why you were not conscious f the camera). Thanks for sharing!

  6. nuts says:

    looks like you have lots of fun here..

  7. Mommy Liz says:

    I love your hair, di dapat tinatago yan noh! YOu look nice. Di ako graceful sumayaw, para daw akong kawayan, kaya buti wala akong picture, otherwise, pantago din yun.

  8. LingLing says:

    Hahaha the dancing photo is soooo funny and cute! Loving it <3

  9. anne says:

    Hi Sherry hehe that was hehehe I guess I wrote the wrong year it was actually 2004 so it has been like so many years I didn't dance on stage at all lol

  10. anne says:

    hahaha gutom nga dj marinas as in gutom na gutom grabe thats why i dont care at the camera at all hehehe

  11. anne says:

    oi thanks rossel ha? pero mga ka tropa ko sobrang tawa lol I did not show it for decades already

  12. anne says:

    hehehe thanks gorgeous me

  13. anne says:

    yup exactly, Miranda gutom ako kaya ako nun bahala kau jan hahaha

  14. anne says:

    absolutely nuts hehehe

  15. Chie Wilks says:

    wow…galing nyo naman sis..nanalo kayo ng 1st price…i enjoyed looking at the photos at natatawa na rin..i posted my scary face…haayyy..GT talaga

  16. anne says:

    hahaha alam mo liz kaya tawa ako ng tawa jan kasi lahat ng music na pinili namin eh may halong ka naughty han whahh

  17. anne says:

    Hello ling ling ang kaya ko lang kasi yung hip hop at nd ung mga sexy steps kaya when it was my turn para akong ewan lol tawa lahat ng workmate ko hehehe

  18. anne says:

    Hi ling ling sorry hehehe I thought you are a filipina lol, anyway yeah I only know how to dance a little hip hop and not the sexy steps, that's when it was my turn to dance like that, it turn out soooooooooooooo funny…

  19. anne says:

    Hi miranda I cant seem to leave a comment in your site.

  20. anne says:

    hehhee hi chie, lol nanalo kami ng first prize kasi dalawa lang kami contestant hahahaha

  21. ღ pinaymama ღ says:

    oh that's fine…I guess, eating is just normal lalo na pag may handaan… just visiting from Girls rule..

  22. niko says:

    oh thats funny picture. not scary at all.. i think u got the fun part of it in picture 🙂

    see u still laugh even if its 6 years ago already, hihih

    thanks for joining GT ha.. i only find time to blog hop now.. hayz. anyways april theme is up already! silip ka na hihih

    tc lagi!

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