How could I resist the temptation?

Before, I thought losing weight is so easy than to gain weight but right after pregnancy I already could feel the hardship of at least losing few pounds. I bet if you are chubby and had an excess fats in your belly, you would understand me now. Do you consider of taking diet pills? Is that really effective? My cousin tried one though, and yes it was effective for her but I am afraid to take it since there’s no approval from BFAD on the container, plus the news is warning everyone with that pill that doesn’t have label from BFAD because many users were already admitted in the hospital for the wrong usage of the said pill.

I tried the after six pattern but geez the food that my sister cooks last night was so tempting and if you think that I was not able to deny the temptation, yes you are right because right after I saw her feeding Faith and the smell was all over the house, I grabbed one plate of rice all a sudden and have some of the viand that she cooked a while ago. Oh God, how could I resist the temptation?

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