Regaining Back Her Mood

Right after the appointment I had on Monday, I dragged Mj to where the Magellan’s Cross was placed, she was not interested to see that since I just recently told her not to pursue to go to the pool because we were not able to bring a swim suit, she was so dismayed at that and was just silent when we were in the cab, that’s why when I asked her to pose at the cross, she was not in the mood at all.

Not smiling at all, tsk tsk tsk

I still tried to convince her about the significant of the Magellan’s Cross and even included that it was one of our reviews in Civics, she answered immediately that she did not remember. I know something is wrong with her, I knew her entirely so even though she tried not to show her disappointment with me. So I reprimanded her that we just went there in Cebu because I have some errands I needed to do and not with going to the pool besides she can go swimming back in our hometown and my GOD, it’s just a pool and we got a lot here in our place. So she tried to regain her posture and tried to be a good girl to me, she was already talking and trying to please me by listening intently to what I said.

Right after I brought her a swim suit, see the difference?

She didn’t know that I have plans that if she won’t be a good girl, I really won’t allow her to the pool but if she will, I would buy her a swim suit and she could have some fun in the pool by tomorrow. So when she changed her mood and was interested with what I told her about the blessed child and the Magellan’s Cross, I surprisingly bought her a swim suit. She was so happy that I could see her smiles reached up to her ears.

The next day, she finally had fun in the pool

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  1. By MelCole of PA says:

    Hello! Was here today sis. Hope you had a good day! Don't be stressed, stay happy always!

  2. anne says:

    thanks melcole

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