Sexiest? Oh c’mon! Lol

Well I made it the previous theme why not now? Hahaha, as other say flaunt it when you have it. But let me think though what I think is the sexiest part of my body. Though I hope this entry would still be acceptable in today’s topic.

I refer to no other than my eyes, well that’s what my friend comment that I had a nice pair of eyes, I am not sure but that’s what they said so I guess it’s my sexiest part of my body. Oh forgive me; I cannot think of anything sexy now but my eyes. And speaking of that, grrr I am so sleepy this time because we finished the review so late last night and I still have to wake up to finish my pending assignments.

8 Responses to “Sexiest? Oh c’mon! Lol”

  1. Dj Mariñas says:

    sexy naman eyes mo a. pero na pansin ko agad sa picture yung nose mo. ang tangus a, hehe.

    hope you can visit 🙂

  2. anne says:

    hahahaha, baka sa light lang ng picture yan dj

  3. Cecile says:

    nice picture…yung nose mo seksi rin gaya ng eyes mo…

  4. niko says:

    your eyes and nose are both sexy!!! 🙂

  5. Mommy Liz says:

    you do have sexy eyes, nangungusap eka nga, and your smile too, very contagious.

  6. anne says:

    oi thanks ng marami cecil hehehe

  7. anne says:

    thanks niko, di ko alam un lol baka lang nag match ang eyes at nose ko sa light hehehe

  8. anne says:

    grabe naman un mommy liz, lol contagious talaga lol thank you talaga grabe hehehe

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