Summer is just around the corner

Summer is just around the corner, no wonder every time I go out from the house, the heat of the sun seems it would sting in my skin at all, I decided to buy a sun block to protect my face from black heads, yeah I didn’t have black heads but before I knew it an adult acne appears suddenly in my face. I had to stop using the sun block or else it will get worst. Good thing, it didn’t spread much, but now I am searching for the best solution for my acne, I hope someone could recommend me one that won’t trigger my very sensitive skin.

On the other note, since summer is fast approaching already, Mj is so excited to a swimming lesson session, I don’t know yet where would I enroll her since the registrar office is not sending me a message yet if their instructor is available this summer, otherwise if I could not enroll her from swimming lesson I might just join her to the kiddie crew club just like before.

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