Blog Party!

Rj’s Mama is inviting me for a party; actually this party has been the talk of the town lately. I could see my friends in space posting this event that would happen very very soon. I decided to join because I would like to have some fun and gain more friends this summer and oh yeah to gain traffic with this blog as well.
For me blogging has been my savior when I get too bored and my source of income while just staying here at home. In some aspect, it also inspired me to do my obligations as a wife and a mom; it teaches me many things from being a simple wife and extra ordinary mother. Some people might not understand me but if they would just read my thoughts here, they might know the real me.
I sometimes don’t speak my feelings out of how I love and care for them, but I hope they would give themselves a chance to read my thoughts so they would know I am still that someone who cared for them with all my heart.
Click the badge to join,
I am sure you would miss half of your life if you won’t

3 Responses to “Blog Party!”

  1. ♥Willa♥ says:

    I have to write pa may party post soon.

  2. admin says:

    would love to know you more, i'm sure other bloggers do too.

    would you like to host a blog party on may5?

  3. admin says:

    sis, email me at when you're available to host a party.

    as of today, may12 is still open 🙂

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