A Getaway

It was like the whole afternoon Faith spent in the water. She never stops until it was time for us to go home. Even though it was already raining, she and sister Merlyn still had so much fun in the pool. They were never satisfied though, they also went to the beach nearby to have some splash in the water again. I was not able to join them since I was too busy with Mario game in the Nintendo, that no matter how I tried, I was still defeated by monsters or failed to jump high or fell into the boiling water; in short I keep on losing. Mj finished the whole game just today and has been telling me how she defeated the bruiser.
Anyhow, I already showed one video in Mary Anne’s Musings page and I just thought I must share this one also. Faith and her Auntie Merlyn whom she just called Marlyn, grrrr, shared some splashing in the pool.

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