Gimik 2010

Have your heard Gimik before? Gosh, that was one of my favorite teen dramas before; I love their schemes and stories every Saturday. I love to see Jolina and Marvin together, Judy Ann Santos and Rico Yan tandem. I just love all of them, I guess it was aired years before it was finally put an end.
Well, now I might go to church later in the afternoon yet because the Gimik will be aired again this afternoon. It would be a once in a lifetime reunion for the friends, geez it is so sad that some stars could not attend because some of them were already transferred to other network, and one of them died already. But I still love to see how the story goes now, I so miss Gimik!

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  1. texas_sweetie says:

    waaaaaaaa kanindot aniiiiii dili ko ni pakasaypon ba ug available nanis youtube..

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