The Girl in the Mirror

I can’t believe of what I’ve seen today in the mirror, the lady had some dark circles around her eyes, well she is too busy this past few days because of so many things she had to attain to from the very first thing in the morning till night. But those sleepless nights and maybe stressful days were paid off because she just bought a new cell phone for her and mind you she was able to buy it with discounted rate.
She was so happy; she was even floating in the air and wanted to dance gaily in front of the staff. But she has to compose herself for a moment because they were checking yet all the accessories together with that phone. So even she got more wrinkles and even has eye bugs, she just can’t hide the fact that she is enjoying the phone that she has now. And she has to thank her husband for supporting her with that handy, so gorgeous phone. She just love it and before I end this post I just want to claim that the girl in the mirror, the girl in the mirror is me, I know that sounds familiar huh? Hehehe

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