Just tapping it a bit hard

When we arrived at home yesterday, I immediately told Mj to put my mini laptop inside the cabinet because I was a bit busy with the grocery that we shop and storing the phone list from my old phone to the new cell phone, but when she was about to put it in the cabinet she was distracted with her cousin. Her cousin wanted to show something in her cell phone so she puts the mini laptop in our bed yet and did not noticed that Faith took it and hit it on her back. Don’t get me wrong, it was not that hard because Mj was okay and even tickle Faith afterwards but it was enough for my mini laptop to stop working for like an hour.
I have to wait for my husband to be online to ask what should I do with it as it would shutdown when it was starting to open. I thought I need to reformat so we did the F8, F10 Alt F8 but it just doesn’t let us push thru. Terry is genius with computers but last night he seems like he cannot figure out what happen to my mini laptop but he did not give up, instead he researched what would be the possible way to make it work and he did a good job because after a while it worked.
This is what we did, my husband told me to just to lift the laptop up and find the vent on the left hand towards the battery, and then he instructed me to tap it hard. Guess what after we did that? It worked and it didn’t shut me down. Thanks Goodness!

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