One of my Greatest Dream

MJ and Faith are growing and now MJ is into swimming. We have enrolled her in swimming classes and she was promoted to the advanced group on the very first day. It is a good activity for her, but I would like the kids to study other things to broaden their horizons.
Play piano chords are one of my greatest dream when I was growing up, I always wanted to play the piano or guitar. But alas I never learned any piano chords or tunes on the guitar; However, I can make a lot of noise banging on the keys. For MJ and Faith, we will encourage them to take up music and I hope one of them chooses the piano.
I can imagine MJ learn piano chords. She has long thin fingers and to me this would seem an advantage in learning to play. I think it would be fun for the girls to study together. Making beautiful music playing piano chords together will surely put smiles on our faces.

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