A Short Poem

I was away to our kitchen to cook some foods for us, and when I got back here I found this lovely poem in my site. A short poem from Dad to his family. Have a nice Monday everyone!
Once upon a time in a land far away,
a boy fell in love with a girl.
They chatted on the internet and grew very close
and their romance was quiet a swirl.
They met in time and before to long they had a baby girl.
She was cute and sweet even if she was kulit
and was their little jewel.
Her sister swims like a fish and would love ot live in a pool.
she is cute and sweet and just as kulit as her little sister.
Mom is cute and sweet
and having married her I know why the kids are kulit
even though she is dear.
I love them all even they are not tall,
because they are so sweet

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  1. Grampy says:

    That is a very nice poem. Your husband is very gifted. The only problem I have is the word Kulit. I don't know what it means. I guess I'll have to look it up.

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