While we are still away from each other

I just posted here my inquiry about gifts for Father’s day, now when I was contemplating what I really has to buy for him since he is so busy working that sometimes even it snowed big time in his place, he still goes to his work, I come up with an idea of considering boots as a gift this coming Father’s day. I also thought of a nice coat or a long sleeve when he has to wear formal in the office or since it’s spring time these days in the states, a T-shirt perhaps with personalized designs.
I would have to consider also the edited wedding videos that I just took last week since he doesn’t have a copy of our wedding vows memories. But I was thinking since we would be all going there someday, I might just have to set aside the idea. Geez I am getting nowhere of my preparations for getting him a nice gift, not a very expensive one but something that he would always remember us while we are still away from each other.

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