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Mommy’s Merry Month of May Blog Giveaway!

I had been following Mommy Rubz for a year now, maybe she hadn’t know it but I really am, and when she decided and announced that she has change her main blog, I still didn’t fail to follow her. Her blog has inspired as a Mom through her post a lot. The way she takes good care of her kids and her husband, the way she handle her trials in life as a mom, as a wife and as a daughter, the way she manage all things around, her husband is a one lucky guy to have her.

Her blogs talks a lot of things in life and in general, and now is the awaited time to make it known to the public through her latest give away and entitled Mommy’s Merry Month of May Blog Giveaway! The prices are at stake, so come and join!

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This contest will end on May 31, 2010. Winners will be announced on June 5, 2010 using RANDOM.ORG!!

My Old Time Friends

I never expected I would meet an old time friend yesterday when I cast my vote; she was my company then when I was still searching for a job. Of course after I went out from the precinct we had a long talk, well I guess we have so many things to catch up, our whereabouts perhaps since it has been a long time. We were laughing at how we become so huge, we were so slim before and so naive, well she told me I look alright than I was before, I just have probably to do work on my tummy because it is really so fat, well nowadays I am really looking for a stomach fat loss as she said my figure is quiet fine. Anyone would like to suggest? I hope it will really work for me.

Moreover, we talked so many things yet it was not enough to know what she has been busy with this past few years, well I heard she got married last year and doesn’t have a kid yet but I still hope we could still meet someday or we could have a reunion with our other friend who is now in Canada who will be back on July with her boyfriend, I hope she would get married when she comes home. Among the three of us, my friend in Canada is the only one who is not married yet but my hopes are high I know she will be somehow and I hope she would invite us.

We Arrived Late

We were so late when we arrived at the swimming venue this morning because we could not see any taxi around and the passengers were stock to wait for a jeepney to pass by. So instead to wait for a cab to come by, we choose to hail a jeepney that will not wait for like 30 minutes in one place. We had to insert ourselves hard in a slit between passengers so we could get a seat but since there was one space that is available for one person, the driver still waited for one passenger, whose at that time was still crossing the street.

I wonder why everything was pacing so slow this morning, it seems like everyone still has a hang over from yesterday’s election. Even the jeepney that we rode was moving so darn slow, even me. I was not worried if we get late, I didn’t care to look at my watch. But I still thought Mj could not catch up in today’s lessons I was amazed because her coach told me right after the session ends that she was able to do the stroke well even she was late.

The session finished at 11:00 a.m., but we could not go home due to the fact that Mj still has a Kumon to attend for in the afternoon. We ate our lunch in the mall then we got her pictures in the studio to be submitted to her coach, they need it for the certificates which they will get on June 05 during their graduation. Everyone is so excited to finish the advance swimming but not my daughter, she still want to swim, and I could not let her proceed because she would be very busy again this coming school days.

Aiming To Get In Shape

My daughter knows how to swim already, they had been taught the proper way to backstroke since last week. I am so proud and envy with her because I don’t know how to swim, I might just stay in two feet deep in water. I wanted to learn how to swim; in fact I enrolled myself in a swimming lesson last summer, and since my friend told me that swimming could help you lose weight. My aim then was not only to learn but also to get in shape. However, we stopped just before the coach tried to let me cross the five feet deep, it was not because I got scared but because we were already busy at that time, until I have no interest at all to go back.
Up to now, I am still aiming to get back in shape, someone advised me to try to take a lipozene or some diet pills, but let’s see. I still have to research the ingredients of the product. I don’t want to experience to palpitate again just like when I tried to take one diet pill before, good thing I stopped taking it because I heard it in the news that the diet pill I took has a side effects and that it would lead to heart failure.