Aiming To Get In Shape

My daughter knows how to swim already, they had been taught the proper way to backstroke since last week. I am so proud and envy with her because I don’t know how to swim, I might just stay in two feet deep in water. I wanted to learn how to swim; in fact I enrolled myself in a swimming lesson last summer, and since my friend told me that swimming could help you lose weight. My aim then was not only to learn but also to get in shape. However, we stopped just before the coach tried to let me cross the five feet deep, it was not because I got scared but because we were already busy at that time, until I have no interest at all to go back.
Up to now, I am still aiming to get back in shape, someone advised me to try to take a lipozene or some diet pills, but let’s see. I still have to research the ingredients of the product. I don’t want to experience to palpitate again just like when I tried to take one diet pill before, good thing I stopped taking it because I heard it in the news that the diet pill I took has a side effects and that it would lead to heart failure.

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