Being a Mom is Tough Sometimes

Who would want to recommend a best wrinkle cream? Because I think I am dying to need one, since I didn’t have enough sleep last night and I feel like some sort of Dracula of having a ring of black circles around my eyes. My little monster keeps on bugging me around and doesn’t want me to even type a single word in my computer.

Just before I went to the gym yesterday, I told my sister to put Faith to sleep ahead of me last night so I could finish my job early and that I could sleep early as well. But the moment I stooped inside our bedroom right after I arrived, Faith woke up and told me she wanted to poop. I went out in the room with her and put her to the toilet bowl, hoping she would go back to sleep after she is done but she did not, she was playing instead and bugged me when I tried to finish a post. So I gave up, I put her to bed and lie down with her, I set the alarm clock as early as 4:00 a.m., so I could finish my work before it is due.

I tried to put her to sleep but she slept past 11:00 p.m., already and I only have four hours to sleep! This morning, as I was waiting for Mj to finish her swimming class, I wanted to put a stick in between my eyes so to keep it open. I was so sleepy and I feel like I could bang my head in the table only in seconds. But I have to keep myself from falling to sleep because we still need to buy her some school supplies. Ah! Being a mom is tough sometimes.

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