Dine Out With My Kids and Niece

I never thought I could not bring my kids to a fancy restaurant for dinner on Mothers Day and thanks to my husband because he has sent me money for me to take the kids out. The plan was after church but when we went out this late afternoon, the weather was not that nice and we guessed it would rain in due time just before we arrived at the church. Since it was almost dark and the church that we would be going only has few taxi cab passes by, we decided to go to the restaurant instead to save us from getting wet.

There were few people when we arrived so we choose to sit near where we could see some trees and have enough overlooking view of the city. Our order was served in just a few minutes, maybe the staff knows that some people will be rushing in later and that they have to be fast so they could served the customers well. It would have been a very comfortable place, if the bugs were not also rushing in; it is an open restaurant so obviously some insects will be coming in. One waiter had noticed that we were already trying the flies and all that, he plugged immediately the huge fan so to get rid of those flying bugs.

Just before we were done we saw some customers already looking for some tables, it was raining then so we have to be hurry to go out and look for a taxi going home. My niece wanted to roam around yet but we can’t since we don’t want to get wet under the rain. Our dinner has been more complete if we were able to go to church and walking around in Jacksridge, if only there was no rain, we could have done that but anyway I am sure this will not be our last time to go out and treat the kids sometimes in a slight luxuriant place.

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