Finished with Enrollment

I am done enrolling my eldest daughter just yesterday, the moment my husband wired me the money, I immediately went to the school right after she finished the swimming lessons. The enrollment went off smoothly, not much people around; we even had some talks with the teacher there. The books will be given on Monday so since she is already no swimming lesson next week due to the final today, I would be lax anymore, I don’t have to wake up so early to attain those things.

On June 5, is our graduation. We will be given certificates from Milo and Blue Marlin. I and some parents would like to continue their swimming to Advance Scientific, but we will be doing it during weekend, we can’t go to the pool everyday because the kids have school so maybe we could go there Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. MJ is so excited about it but I told her to keep her grades up at school, I hope she could do it.

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