Friday Fill-Ins # 12

It is raining outside and yet we still have to go out today for Mj’s final evaluation for Advance Beginner, she is so excited about it, I guess she is the only child there who doesn’t get tired and bugging me to enroll her for the next level. Friday here again, and thank GOD that the Friday Fill-Ins already have the Meme for today before we will go out.

And…here we go!

1. I just had my papsmear last month.
2. Too far away, that’s what it is.
3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I’m reading: He had never tempted to marry again, as the years slid by.
4. A new bag tickles my fancy.
5. I was walking down the road when I met a long time friend.
6. My youngest daughter silliness makes me laugh!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to blog again, tomorrow my plans include to send Mj to her Kumon and Sunday, I want to soak in the pool with friends!

4 Responses to “Friday Fill-Ins # 12”

  1. momgen says:

    Soaking in the pool Anne is great i like that….Thanks for coming by.

  2. Selina says:

    Go go go gurl get you a new bag you deserve it.

  3. anne says:

    Hi Mom gen and I am just so excited for tomorrow hehee

  4. anne says:

    hahaha selina Ill just have to budget it lol

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