Just Getting More Busy Each Day

You may notice that I am not online for long hours here at home; it is because I am too busy this summer to do that. Good thing that I still have a chance to update this blog and visit your website then. I just can’t leave these whole good things behind, for me it is a work that I am enjoying so much. That even how tempting it is to be just somewhere around with some friends, my whole system could not just do it. If I was not here, you can find me out with Mj at the swimming venue or with my little monster, tickling and giggling with her, or reading my book either in the taxi cab, food court, in the corner or in any place where I could have some time to read even just few pages of it.

As early as 7:00 a.m., we have to be at the waiting area where we could hail a taxi or a Jeepney going to the venue or to the Kumon that is how busy I am these days. There was one time that we were dragging ourselves to get a taxi cab from grocery shopping but we could only find no one. We waited for long hours just to get one; it was then a very exhausted day for me and my daughter. There were sometimes that I wish I could own a car and find any cheap insurance companies so to at least not to commute and not be late with our appointments, insurance that would make us more secure but we have set our priorities right now already and buying a car does not include there. We just have to be patient on waiting for the right time, and I know before we realize it, our dreams will already be at our hands.

On the other hand, everything here are flowing, I am having fun sending Mj to her activity, going to the gym after and or grocery shopping out of my busy day. Yes, I don’t go out at night just to have a champagne or beer, though sometimes I missed hanging out with my friends but surely I am alright with just my kids around, hearing them laugh out loud in my side.

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