A Lonesome Movie And A Touchy Novel

This afternoon as we were watching a movie together with my daughter, I just learned that the movie of Gabby Concepcion and KC Concepcion will come out very soon in cinemas. And mark my work I am going to watch for it, but sad to say, perhaps I will just be alone; it will not be with my daughter Mj or my niece Mariel. It is a very lonesome movie and I guess they don’t deserve those heartaches in regards with how the story goes.

And since the father’s day is fast approaching, I will share it to you a paragraph from the book I am reading right now. The story is a well-built relationship with a father and a daughter, although the wife. And the mother of this lovely kid was not around her because she never wanted to have that child. Never, all she wanted to do is to attend grand balls, or throw parties with some elite friends and when she met a single young duke of some kind, she decided to go with him in France and left the richest husband and her only child behind. And yet the father of the kid mold her to being a good and kind daughter, he had taken good care of her by himself even though he has a servant that he could trust with his child. He always brought her in the office where sometimes she would fall asleep in the couch while waiting for her father to finish his work. They were so close when she grew up, and she adored her father that much. And it devastated her so much when her father was gone.

“Do you want something to eat Papa?” She looked up at his face, and suddenly stared. He was looking straight at her with unseeing eyes, and feeling terror leap at her throat as it never had before, she was instantly on her knees and touching his face. “Papa!” It was a shriek in the empty, silent house, and she began to shake him now, but his body slowly slid to the floor, where he lay and she held him close, the sobs overtaking her as the fires had overtaken the town. He was dead. Quietly, without a sound, he had come to this room, to this chair and sat down . . . and died, at sixty-three of age, leaving Sabrina an orphan, entirely on her own, two and a half weeks before her eighteenth birthday.

She sat staring down at him in shocked terror long into the night. The fires raged across Nob Hill, gutting almost everything around them, and miraculously sparing them. But Sabrina wouldn’t leave him. She sat holding his hand and sobbing long into the night, as the flames raced to the front door and then suddenly changed direction, and when morning came, she still sat there, holding the hand of the man who had been her father. Most of the fires in the city had been put out, and the earthquake was over. But for Sabrina life would never be the same again, without him.

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